What causes postpartum swelling?

I have a question, I am 9 weeks postpartum and I still have swollen feet and legs. Sometimes it’s one leg and sometimes both. It comes and goes. I was wondering if this is still normal? I drink a lot of water and I do have an office job where I sit pretty much all through my 8 hour shift! I began working again at 6 weeks postpartum. It really hasn’t gone away since I gave birth… I already have an appointment for it coming up just to make sure everything is ok. But I was wondering if any of you mamas have gone through something similar. Thanks!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes postpartum swelling?

If you had a C-section could be but I’d be concerned about blood pressure

Have you had your blood pressure checked not trying to scare you but it could be preeclampsia

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Get your blood pressure checked. Mine remained high for 2 years after giving birth.

Lower salt intake, keep your feet up when sitting at a desk. Remember, when a woman is pregnant her heart grows twice as big and tilts to the side and moves up to make room for baby. So at this time, it is moving back into place and might not be able to adapt so fast. See your doctor and you should be ok.

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You need to get to a doctor my friend had the same thing and she had eclampsia so you need to go in and get your levels checked and your blood pressure

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Go to the doctor- this could be post partum preeclampsia- you shouldn’t be ignoring these symptoms

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Sounds like edema. Get it checked out.

I recently had this issue, did you have a c section?
Took about 3 months if not longer for all the excess fluid and stuff to dissapate. My ankles and feet were horrific

My right leg swelled up like crazy about 2 weeks after my c-section, then would go down to normal, then swell again. I got checked out for blood clots, my BP was normal. Doc just said it’s your body getting back to normal. I elevated mine at night and that helped a ton

Sit or lay down with your feet resting above your heart level for at least 15 minutes 3-5 times a day. Have your blood pressure checked cut back on salt if you tend to like salt. See a reflexologist. They can help also.

I had pregnancy related hypertension after my daughter was born. I’d get your BP checked to be safe.

Wear compression socks

You need to go to the doctor asap, postpartum eclampsia is 100% a thing and you should definitely have it ruled out.


It could be do to with your blood pressure - definately see a doctor

Try some compression socks, get the 8-15mmg. Anything above that wait for a dr to tell
You. It will help with the swelling which is probably because of lack of circulation, then after you get home, elevate your feet as suggested. After my 2nd the issue never really went away, but I had a job on my feet all day, and I later found out I have Rheumatoid arthritis. Hopefully it’s not painful, but if left untreated it will get there.

Good Luck!

Call ob dr. this is NOT NORMAL. Signs of preeclampsia/eclampsia. This is serious. And you need checked out

Definitely need to keep an eye on that if you start feeling winded light headed / dizzy definitely need to go to doc ASAP make sure you are not running a fever as well have your blood pressure and blood sugars checked

Yes. Start wearing compression socks or sleeves. They help. Pregnancy Hormones till 6 mos post. Keep drinking water

Sometimes that could mean eclampsia after pregnancy… see your ob to be sure.

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So my feet were so swollen during pregnancy that I was unable to zip up my mid-calf boots lol. I was about 3 months post partum before the swelling went down!

I did the same thing. But I was told it was because I had a C-section not by a doctor but other women

Definitely go see a doctor

Postnatal preeclampsia is serious and swollen limbs can be a symptom. I’d get your BP checked and urine dipped for protein. If you develop headaches and or stomach pain nausea or vomiting get seen as an emergency. Hope you’re ok :crossed_fingers::blush:

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I had that. Not that long but I was induced at 38 weeks cause of high blood pressure. I ended up having a c section due to my son being breech. After my feet and legs were so swollen. A week after birth I went in they said I needed to go into the hospital. I went but didn’t stay. My right leg and foot were worse than my left. They were rock hard. Hurt so bad. I tried water pills elevating my leg. Worked a bit. Every place I went kept telling me my blood pressure was high. After 2 weeks I had to go in cause my Incision was tearing open. I had a 12cm abscess underneath. I was in so much pain. Eventually I got better. The swelling in my legs and feet went down but I still have pain in my leg and foot.

Get them legs up :joy: and not in that way, get another chair and let your legs and feet rest, i was the same way and i had to have my legs up

Glad you have an appointment to be see hopfully sooner than later, it can be a sign of something minor or major. If you can start monitering your B.P that will help doc find out what it is.

I’d see your gp asap.

I would wait to see what your doctor says. It could be any number of things. Do you suffer from high blood pressure?

I my last kid is 8 months old. I still have the swelling in my feet and lower legs. I was told to put them up and rest. Easier said then done. 3 under 4

Get checked for diabetes and drink lots of water

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Sounds like water retention, to much salt intake from processed foods or high blood pressure. Go to MD.

See your doctor as soon as you can. I would call and see if they can move the appointment up. Also elevate your feet and legs. I know it’s hard on the job, but commandeer another chair and put them up as often as possible. Go to a pharmacy. Most of them have a blood pressure machine. Take your blood pressure and report the results to your doctor. You could have a serious problem.

Your body carries extra fluid because of the hormones during pregnancy so it’s perfectly normal to have edema post partum for a couple weeks, it’s just your body getting rid of it all and returning to normal.

But if one leg is more swollen than the other, and especially if you’ve had any pain in your legs / hotness, DVT needs to be ruled out. It could be a clot. That is an emergency situation because a clot can travel to other parts of the body… Not trying to be scary :+1:

I had this scare myself but fortunately the ultrasound showed no clot.

If your able to while at work, prop your legs up and when your at home relaxing prop them up as much as you can. It’ll help the swelling go down. I had swelling on my ankles the whole pregnancy and even a few months after. I just kept prop up my legs anytime I got to and it was swelling, I did once walk to see if that helped it did but I couldn’t find a way to walk in the area we was living at the time.

I had very bad swelling postpartum, but my son also had to be induced at 27 weeks because I had severe pre-eclampsia. I had a call center job while I was pregnant where they refused to let me get up and walk around a minute or two every few hours and also refused to allow me a private place that wasn’t a bathroom to pump after my son was born (which is illegal, I just didn’t know it at the time). A lot of the swelling was from not being able to get up and walk around a little, not just from the pre-eclampsia. Hopefully your employer is more understanding than my previous employer was and will allow you to walk around for a few minutes every couple of hours. Literally only 2 minutes of walking around every few hours will help immensely. Also, be checking your bp and poke the swelling to see if it pits, if the indentation from poking it stays for a few minutes check your bp and go to a doctor. Pitting edema is a sign of dangerously high bp, the longer the dent stays the more worrisome it is.

Over-the-counter water pills and sip your water

Also have them check your heart function.

I’d call your doctor to make sure.

You sitting to long…elevate your legs above your heart when possible drink plenty of water no salt and continue loving on your blessing

It can be a numbe rof things. Some serious, some not. Ensure you are hydrated. Avoid processed, sodium filled foods and try to start light exercise or stretching.
Keep a food diary, symptoms diary to see if anything makes it worse or better, kf it’s worse it some point, etc. Have it for yiur Dr’s appt.
For snow, hydrate, eat as healthy as you can, stretch well, rest when you can. :hugs:

I had uneven leg swelling postpartum after my second child and it turned out to be a uti from the catheter used during delivery that infected my bladder and kidneys. I didn’t have the standard symptoms of uti like fever or burning just a overall feeling of unwell lethargy and uneven swelling.

Hopefully not a blood clot…you should see your doctor

You can get preeclampsia or eclampsia even AFTER giving birth. Please see a Dr to rule out.

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I went through this with my last boy because they pumped me full of IV fluids during labor (can’t remember why)… But my feet did this for weeks. Keep them elevated when you can. And walk alot. It will eventually go away