What causes spotting between periods?

My question is has anyone ever had their period and then a week later they have like a light period again? Is this normal or cause for concern. It doesn’t happen every month but it has happened twice since having my son who is now 11 month. Any input to ease this mommas mind. TIA :blush:


It’s likely ovulation bleeding. Use a condom or you’ll probably end up with more than 1 baby in your oven.

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Speaking from experience.

First question, how long did your first one last? Second question, when you start your cycle after having your child? I am pretty sure there is no reason to be alarmed. Your body’s hormones are trying to get back to “normal”.


After having my son my cycle was everywhere. My gynecologist said that’s normal the 1st year.

I have this problem, light spotting. Not every month either. I went to doctor and he said it was what Lillie said. And he did further testing and I was fine. And I didn’t have the problem til after I had my daughter. And I’m 38 so I just avoid sex during that time.

The most common reason for having 2 full blown periods like that is built up uterine tissue. It happens after miscarriages but also can happen after live births. Luckily after a live birth it straightens itself out after like a year, the body naturally expels it all. After a miscarriage the only way to fix it is a D&C. I have my consult for a D&C in a few days, I’ve done a ton of research so if you want more advice feel free to message me.

My daughter is year old in 2 weeks back in September I bleed for at the beginning normal cycle then a week later I bleed for the remainder of the month my doctor sent me for a scan on my overies and it turn out I had 7cm tumour on my left ovary (roughly the size of a tennis ball) I have had many scans and bloods done and now going for a pre surgery appointment this week ready for surgery :pensive: lucky it’s not cancer but it could of been. So I would probably speak to your gp hun.

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Yes, after having kids I’ve had that randomly happen a few times.

Yep. Even completely missed periods and not been pregnant.

It happens to me all the time.

I had it happened a couple of times after I had my son I went to the doctor and they put me on birth control to regulate my period

I have had this happen a few times my dr told me that can happen when breastfeeding. I dont know if you are or not but was told that what was causing mine a swing in hormones bc of the b.f.

It happens to my sister all the time she’s premenopausal

It depends if you are on BC and your BC method. I just had my second baby, but I remember with my first one my period was all over the place. Talk to your doctor if you’re concerned. Maybe they can ease your mind about your BC method or give u a different one to regulate it