What causes spotting between periods?

:exclamation:TMI but I am looking for advice and positive responses please. :exclamation:

Not sure what is going on, I’m not due for my period for over two weeks but I am having discharge with slight pink in it occasionally since last night. Not every time I wipe those. It’s just a little. No cramping or pain. Maybe some nausea though. What could it be from? I breastfeed my son still who is 9 months old if that helps.


Maybe you’re pregnant? Breast feeding is not protection :woman_shrugging:t3::pregnant_woman:

Could be implantation bleeding. You still ovulate with no period. I didnt get my period for 6 months and ended up preggers

You could be pregnant!

Take pregnant test . If positive, see a doctor.

I agree with all of the comments above

if youre having unprotected sex without bc you may be pregnant. spotting is one of the first signs

Also could be BV. Go to the doc

Same thing happen to me come to find out I was preggers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it sounds a whole lot like implantation bleeding to me z

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I would take a pregnancy test if it was me,?

Possible pregnant need to check with doc to be safe and pregnancy tests wouldn’t hurt either

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Could be pregnant but also could be an infection.

Either ovulation or implantation bleeding

If you’re not on birth control, I would say might be pregnant. Could just be irregular spotting. Could be any number of things. Just wait it out. If your period is late, take a home pregnancy test. If positive, then call your OB/GYN. If negative, wait a week and take another. If still negative, just wait it out until you start. It’s very common to have irregular bleeding for up to 2 years PP, especially when breastfeeding.


I would get a discharge exactly like that every time I got pregnant. Take a test and find out. They’re not that expensive, and at least you may get an answer.

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Take a test. Sounds like you may be pregnant.

Breastfeeding can cause spot bleeding like that. I had the same thing and discussed with my doctor. Always good to get it checked out though :slightly_smiling_face:

Could be ovulation. Std. Break through spotting. Implantation bleeding.

Even if you get a test and it comes back negative you can get a blood test you can go to the er and tell them you might be pregnant and that you want a blood test

Ovulation or possibly implantation?

Have you had a regular period since giving birth? Defs could be pregnant like all the other comments suggest

Prego signs take a test

Have you peed on a stick?

I would say pregnant…

Could be anything. Slight tear from sex to maybe? Just go get checked out.

You could be pregnant

Take a pregnancy test, sounds like it could be implantation bleeding

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes spotting between periods?

There’s multiple things that could cause spotting. Did you have any procedures done?

It could tons of different things.
Sex, iud placement, stress, hormone fluxuation, etc.
Best bet is to see your Dr.

I spot when I ovulate (confirmed with temperature and mucous, not the rhythm method which is super inaccurate) and cramp a little. Makes me really grouchy.

Sometimes you spot during ovulation

Sometimes my birth control makes me spot in between periods . Or ovulation

I spotted between periods and it was unusual for me. I let it go a month and the second month I did it, I went to see doctor. I had a cyst on ovary which was causing the spotting. they did ultrasound just to verify and make sure nothing else was going on.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes spotting between periods?

Best to see Dr but bladder infection, possibly pregnant, yeast infection can all be culprits.

My sister was having spotting between periods and bad cramps during ovulation. She was diagnosed with PCOS. It honestly could be a variety of things. Best thing u can do is just go to your OB.

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Could be SO many different things. But I always spotted when ovulating and also had implantation pain/cramping and spotting with all 4 of my pregnancies.

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I agree it could be implantation bleeding

I stress bleed but also have PCOS not sure if they are connected but stress can definitely do it

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes spotting between periods?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes spotting between periods?

Could be a number of things, implantation bleed Is one I would think of first especially if you just ovulated, can also be just before your period, with pcos it can happen

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Ovulation can do it, if you’re on birth control break through bleeding is normal as well. Implantation bleeding. Call your ob and get seen

I have PCOS and this happens to me every once in a while. Also when I hit ovulation, whenever that is. Because of my PCOS I don’t always ovulate and this sounds exactly like me. Or, implantation bleeding, but I could be wrong. I can’t remember when that usually happens

Unfortunately for some of us, simply being female. One person’s normal is another’s red flag something is wrong. I no longer freak out or get worried when something weird comes from my vagina. As long as you get regular check ups, (the feet in stirrup kind) I wouldn’t worry too much. Unless the pain is a level you have never experienced before and cannot handle, then maybe a trip to the doctor (ER, not waiting for appointment) is in order.


I don’t get these medical questions… Ask your DOCTOR.


Hormonal fluctuation. Talk to your doctor.

Ovulation can cause spotting and cramps

Use a smaller dildo

Had thisnonce and the gynaecologist had me get a D & C. Years later Inwas.living.in another.state.a d it.happened again and the gynecologist I saw in another state said not to worry it would go away on its own and it did.

Go to the doctor and find out and don’t listen to everyone else.

See a ob/gyn. This could be something quite serious.

See your gynecologist!

Ask your doctor!:woman_facepalming:

Facebook and Google are not friggen medical helplines
If something is happening with your body that is out of the norm for you see a medical professional… smh

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I’ve spotted in between due to hormone and stress, sex, ovulation. Multiple things can cause it.

Since it’s about 6 days dpo it could be implantation bleeding too

What a bunch of rude people. I agree, see a doctor or call, but I’m sure she was just checking to see if anyone has had similar issues. I know I don’t freak out as bad if I can talk to someone, but I still also go through my doctor!

See your healthcare provider

ask a Dr dipshit not random people on the internet

Is it old brown blood or bright red blood?