What causes spotting with Mirena?

Guys help please! I have the Mirena iud, got it placed December of 2022. I haven’t had a period since may 2023, and yesterday morning I started spotting. Lasted all day and today it’s quite a bit more and brighter but not quite enough for a period. I was going to call my doctor Monday to get everything checked but it’s getting worse with cramps and back aches

I think you should get checked out and make sure it didn’t move somewhere it shouldn’t be.

When I hqd the iud and started spotting after 3 years it ended up being endometriosis caused by the IUD.

Mine embedded into my uterus and had to be surgically removed. And left me with horrible cysts and scar tissue damage. They told me it had to have been out of place a week at most (which was consistent with my symptoms). Go get it checked out. After what happen to me I’d never get Mirena again.