What causes spotting?

Okay, so I started my period on the first of this month. It ended the 8th. I had unprotected sex yesterday and about 4 days ago. Well a little bit ago I peed and there was like a little string of blood when I wiped with some clearish discharge. I went pee again a couple minutes ago and when I wiped there was blood. A very little bit. Light pink. Like spotting I guess? I don’t remember ever spotting before and now I am freaking out that I have cancer or something which I know you all aren’t doctors or anything but I’m stressing lol


Implantation bleeding if u r not hurting uti or bladder infection if u feel pain…

Sound like possibly implantation bleeding, or your irritated from sex

Sounds like implantation bleeding

Implantation bleeding
A broken hymen
A small tear in or around your vagina