What causes stomach pain?

I’m having a pain in my stomach, it’s like on the right/middle? It feels like a ball of gas or something. I’m not even sure but every time I eat something I seem to get the pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and tight pain in my stomach. Could it be something to do with my gallbladder? I AM NOT PREGNANT, I’m currently on my period and have taken tests.


That kind of sounds like appendicitis! Go to the hospital !

Go to ER sounds like your appendix

Sou ds like your appendix most definitely. I had the same symptoms when I was younger and I had to have my appendix removed. Dont wait to get it looked at cuz your in big trouble if it is your appendix and it bursts. Mine wound up being removed just in the nick of time. I was told if I had waited a day more to get looked at it would have burst.

Where exactly in your stomach, near your belly button or up by your ribs? Sounds like your gallbladder but could be your appendix.

Sounds like gallbladder

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You can also have divolicuti not sure if it’s the right spelling. Same symptoms I would go to the doctor

It sounds like you should probably go to the hospital it doesnt sound like only gas are you running fever or having fatigue if so dont wait go to the hospital

Does it hurt to touch? Could definitely be your appendix


Sounds like my sister’s and it was gallstones. Had to have gallbladder removed. It was brought on by caffeine and greasy foods.

Jump up and down on the spot, if pain gets worse it could be appendix

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Right is appendicitis, left is gallbladder

Don’t count out pregnancy. It does sound like appendix but i was 8 weeks along, had a normal period, took 2 test both at negative. Wasn’t sick just tired. So i got a clear blue and with in 5 seconds it said pregnant.

Definitely could be… I would go see your doctor or go to the hospital and get an ultrasound done…

Dr appointment wouldn’t hurt

You may have an ulcer. Call the Dr.

Gut health. Cleanse w green juicing. Start anew. And rebuild your gut - read about this. I’m telling you from experience. Joe cross. Netflix. From the show Fat sick and nearly dead. Changed me!!! Good luck

Because it hurts when you eat I’d say ulcer…regardless of what it is go get it checked out