What causes vagina pain while pregnant?

I’m 37 weeks and 2 days… I have pain in my girl area. Almost like a uti but not quite as bad on the pain/ uncomfortable scale. I just went to the doctor on Wednesday and they always make me pee in a cup… (it started Wednesday) so I know I dont have a uti. Is this normal? I’m almost due with baby #3 and shes already head down and low… and I didnt get checked when i went the last time. Can someone tell me if this is normal? Or maybe how I can get some comfort… or just tough it out? I go back Wednesday to schedule my induction date and get my cervix checked.

Opinions? Thanks in advance!

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Both of my babies where in “position” for a few weeks. There was a lot of pressure in the vaginal area during this time. It maybe stretching in that area. Definitely talk to your doctor/nurse about it so that they can make sure you don’t have a UTI or any other issues going on.

I started to get shooting pains down there (kinda like a UTI) its called lighting crotch (great name right?) And its the baby pressing on a bundle of nerves near the cervix. Its normal and not pleasant and unfortunately not much you can do about it.


You gotta be more specific about the pain. “Girl area” is a lot. Your vagina? Your urethra? Your pubic/groin area? And what kind of uti type pain? Burning when you pee? Dull pain? Electric shock type feeling?

Were adults with vaginas that have had tiny humans exit them. You can use the real words lol

Ice packs or the panties with the Ice packs in them. The best thing ever.

They dont always check k for uti unless you tell them of symptoms