What chores can kids do?

What are some chores your kids did by 5/6


Pick up after them self’s they mad the mess they can clean it

Pick up his toys. Put laundry in basket and put them away when done. My son loves vacuuming and cleaning the table

Bedroom, living room, helping put dishes away/rinsing dishes, wiping counters and table down, help take out trash, dusting, sorting laundry/putting clothes from washer into dryer(I hand them to them). If my kids contribute to the mess, they contribute to cleaning up.

Pick up their toys. Pretend to sweep .help clean the table. Go get the story books to read every nite

Take out bathroom trashes, feed dogs, help empty dishwasher

My daughter is turning 4 and she picks up her toys and puts them away. Helps fold laundry (she enjoys it actually) puts her clothes away. Helps put her sheet and pillow cases on and fix her bed. She actually cleans for enjoyment she likes to do it. Also she helps put grocery’s away and wipes down the tables

Our son just turned 2, he’s helped empty the dishwasher since almost his 1st birthday (just silverware minus knives) and plastic, he helps me put the wet clothes into the dryer (when I hand them to him), he “helps” me fold laundry (he just tries to mimic what I’m doing), he helps vacuum, he helps pick up dirty clothes and put them in the hamper, he helps pick up his toys, he cleans up spills, he throws away trash (pieces of paper that he finds or things that I ask him to throw away), he puts his dishes in the sink.
He just loves to help. It makes him proud when we praise him :slightly_smiling_face:

We lived in the country I was 6 my sister was 2. Whatever I learned in school I attempted to teach her. Helped with laundry mostly folding clothes and whatnot, put my sister and mine in our dresser. I weeded our garden, sister played in the dirt. I could take care of my sister by the time I was 6. Trash was another thing I did, dump in our burning barrel. No plastic bags then, paper bags. I was pretty mature by the time I was 6.

Put away their toys and clothes

Clean their room toys and make the bed pick up clothes put their shoes in their room if you have animals feed them pick up sticks in yard and trash also

Helping with dishes, feeding animals, cleaning up behind themselves, folding laundry, making their own beds.

Clean the yard, take out trash, unload the dishwasher, clean out the shower, sweep/shovel off the patio.

Mine make their beds, clean their room, help unload the dishwasher and help put their clothes away, and help with our animals.

Trash, make bed,pick up toys

Help w Laundry, cleans room & area w toys, vacuums, wipes counters or windows