What could a headache on top of the head mean?

I used to get migraines and vomit, bad migraines can do that but also could be many medical issues, concussion etc

Don’t mess with the head, especially if she has vomited. Get her seen to ASAP. Might just be a bad headache but your best to be safe


my nephew did the same,he went to urgent care,he had COVID,so be careful

Take her to urgent care if ur concerned. Top of the head could indicate high blood pressure

I had really bad migraines as a kid, due to pressure in my temples which pushed towards the top of my head. They were caused by straining my vision.

I now have migraines which start in the base of my neck, which still affect my temples and can sometimes get bad enough to make me dizzy, vomit, and require ER intervention. they are usually caused by swelling in my neck/tight muscles

My daughter gets migraines. She has an MRI and everything done. Just hereditary migraines. We cut out caffeine and that helped out a lot.

Migraine. I used to suffer from these too at that age. Did she hit her head recently?