What could be going on with me?

Can someone help me think of what’s going on with me. My visions going out getting bad headaches, getting super dizzy while sitting or laying, super fatigued, fainting spells, not feeling good, no energy, leaking milk when I’m not breastfeeding or pregnant? Idk what’s going on but everytime I go to the doctor they say nothing is wrong maybe anxiety…

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Maybe you need to change doctors

Your leaking milk while not nursing or pregnant? U need labs checked

Jeez! I’d be worried about a brain tumor or diabetes! Sometimes if you don’t have insurance or the doc knows you couldn’t pay for whatever ails you they don’t bother to investigate further thinking, what’s the point? But definitely get new doctors and pester them until you get answers.

If anxiety is really the problem, did the doc give you meds for it or prescribe lifestyle changes?

When you do find out what’s wrong report the bad doc to the AMA or whatever regulatory board is available. Unfortunately nothing will likely happen, but if anyone wants t bring suit there’ll be a record.

See an ophthalmologist for the headaches, vision & dizziness, your OB/GYN for leaking nipples, a new GP. See if you can get a telehealth consult with someone from the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and/or the National Institute of Health.

Check into pots I have it and that is what it sounds like

Yeah definitely get a second opinion. My office we’d be sending you to get a bunch of blood work and imaging done. Try that. The symptoms are not normal. You’re probably lacking a vitamin. Only testing will tell you what’s wrong.

Yeah, you need a new Dr. Asap.
Keep a journal. Write down what you eat, drink, sleep habits and times of headaches, leaks, dizzy spells, etc. Having it on paper can help your new Dr.

Sounds like you’re turning into a karen. :wink: