What could be going on with my son?

So my son is 5 and he’s always had separation anxiety from me. Me and his father separated 8 months ago but he’s never been to attached to his father because his father never treated him good and loved like his older brother. He’s always been attached to me and his “babies” (stuffies). Lately he’s developed this thing where just about EVERYTHING he comes into contact with he doesn’t want to eat, throw away etc. Because he wants to make it his baby, friend or family. Example 1: we had pizza one night and he took a pepperoni off the pizza and drew a face on it and REFUSED to throw it out. Example 2: Easter morning I made Bunny Cinnamon Rolls but he WOULDN’T eat it for nothing because he wanted to save it he said “he doesn’t want to die” But it’s not just food, it’s trash, flowers, leaves just about everything he comes into contact with. I feel like it’s slowly just getting worse and worse. He’s stopped sleeping in his room with his brother, I can’t even go anywhere without him . He still goes to school fine but I feel like everything else is being affected.Has anyone ever battled with this before? If so what helped?