What could be the cause of breast pain?

Hello, Has anyone else had pain in their left breast/nipple? It has been a year since I breastfed, so it’s not because of breastfeeding. I went to the Dr. He didn’t find any lumps, did bloodwork, and everything is normal. He said it was fibrocystic breasts, and the pain is intense during a menstrual cycle, but I’ve been off my menstrual cycle, and the pain is still there. Does anyone else go through this? Should I ask another doctor? I’m just worried because there are some days I don’t even want to do anything because the pain is intense. I’m also about to start a new job on Monday. Could it just be I’m nervous about this job?


I have fibrocystic breasts and mine really hurt for the first part of having it. I wore a sports bra because it helped with the pain. It eventually “calmed down” I still have pain when I touch them. And it has been months but trust your doctor. It will get better! I hope I could help

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caffeine can make this worse–try going off all of it and see how you do. Breast massage with infused oils can help–red clover, burdock, calendula, St Johns wort are helpful. NOT essential oils–infused oils

Ifcont get second opinion

Ladies vitamin E 3x day.

A breast ultrasound will tell you exactly what is going on. Go back to your primary care dr (or leave them a message) and request one OR go to your local PP if you live near one and tell them…they can order an ultrasound to be done elsewhere. Always follow up in person exams with scans when bleeding, pain and/or discharge is involved. There are a multitude of things it can be. PS Even if you don’t have a regular cycle due to bc, some parts of the body can still respond as if you do.

I had this a few times but it stopped at random never figured it out but good luck it hurt!

I would get a breast ultra sound. I have the same thing but it’s due to pcos so I don’t get regular periods but I had cervical cancer so every November I get everything checked out

Consuming large amounts of caffeine, especially pms week can cause pain and even a lump in fibrocystic breasts. Had an ultrasound done a few years ago on a painful lump and it went away after the dr said to decrease the amount of caffeine.

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Go to dr and get a mammogram… better safe than sorry

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Ask for areferal to the breast clinic they are the experts

Get a second opinion. ASAP. I had a very rare mastitis. Five whole
Years after nursing. Weird shit happens to boobs

Second Opinion would help I guess

My friend and her mom both get clogged ducts and its very pain full and they en up needing them drained even when they aren’t breast feeding or pregnant her ma is in her late 40s and still has the issues and her youngest is around 13 years old.

Get a second opinion… stand up and lift your arm up and see if you feel a lump that way instead of laying down. I have the same issue besides it my whole breast that hurt ( no feeling in nipples or around them) but I have a lump (not cancerous so that could be why I have the pain)

Would insist a second opinion asap ring breast ciinic they r brill

Try taking primrose oil. I found it helps.

Could be vasospasm.

Nipple blanching and vasospasm

If there’s no lumps at all i would guess its not a clogged duct. I would ask for a referral to a specialist for a second opinion.