What could cause anxiety attacks in cars?

So I’ve had REALLY BAD anxiety attacks in the car… I CANNOT stand any type of noise in the car! When I get my anxiety, it feels like the car is gonna tip, it’s getting smaller, the roads never end, and I NEED to GET OUT of the car ASAP! I cannot let go of the wheel or take my hands off the wheel at all when I’m full-blown in an anxiety attack! I wish I was normal like everyone else! I am on medicine already and just talked to a nurse about upping my meds or something. Why am I like this? It never just happened all of a sudden either, my mom said I never liked car rides… I wonder what could help me?! I know when I’m in a full-blown anxiety attack, I usually feel better if I’m on a dirt road because I don’t see all the oncoming traffic or no one passes me, AND I can stop if I need it. Lately, since I been getting them super bad, I’ve been tending to blackout, OR I see like what flashes on the corner of my eye. Even my waste down gets super hot! I start sweating! I feel like I’m going fudging crazy!? Please tell me I’m not alone! My family used to make fun of me because if I’m in the passenger seat, I hang on for dear life! I just can’t shake this crappy feeling. Even a 7-mile drive makes me feel like I’m going insane! WHY?!


I wonder if you have a problem with depth perception. Because I do and I have spikes of anxiety and panic when someone moves in a lane near me.
My lack of depth perception makes it look like they are coming into my lane.
It’s worse when I wear my glasses instead of contacts.
I almost can’t or shouldn’t drive at night with my glasses on.
The headlights and street lights mess make it 10 times as bad.


Some people just aren’t meant to drive & there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that​:heart::heart::heart: it’s a scary and dangerous thing.


But, I don’t think anyone should drive during a full blown a anxiety attack.

Look into therapists that specializes in hypnosis. Maybe they can help you pinpoint where in your life your anxiety began and why.

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We’re you ever in an accident or had someone close to you be in one?

I had a seizure while I was driving and we still have that car I haven’t really started driving by myself cause I have such anxiety about it pretty much everytime I try. I might go a block or two but not a mile. I’m also a spaz in the passenger too.

I have issues with depth perception. I always feel like other cars are so close or so fast. I always feel like I’m swerving too much or not in my lane. I’ve always had major anxiety in the car. I just started driving and I’m 26.

What works for me is taking back roads. I also bring my favorite drink and listen to music. I have certain things that calm me.

However, if you’re having these attacks and blacking out you need to stop driving because not only can you hurt yourself, but others as well.

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Depth perception never thought of i feel the same but was in a bad car accident

I have bad anxiety when it comes to driving so I really dont drive anymore… but I’ve been in a wreck, ran off the road, and almost hit many times none being me at fault. Hoping one of these days to ease myself back into it. If you’re having anxiety attacks to the point of blacking out you should really stop driving and check with a dr to see about options that could help.

Me too​:expressionless: little things jump me me n I jump sometimes thinking the person next to me is ramming into me but it’s all in my head. It sucks I’m not normal either so ur not alone :laughing:

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Sounds like vehophobia which is what I have. The diagnosis is for mainly drivers but doctor said passengers too.I NEVER really liked being in cars since I could remember… Almost every ride was a anxious nauseating one as a child.Im a sucky passenger im constantly gasping and stomping my invisible brake. Sometimes I will even throw up… As far as for driving I’m a nervous wreck😞 I don’t do it often. I have been in tons of wrecks over my 32 years of life… None my fault but one of my biggest fears is causing a wreck and killing someone that and 100 other things.

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This comes from stress and anxiety.
You feel that you are losing control.
Learn to do this technique, smile to your whole body, part by part. It will put you back in charge…
Take deep breathing exercises…it will help
You relax.
You are in control, I went through this when I first got discharged from the Army. Never went to see a therapist or take medication.
It wouldn’t hurt to pray for yourself…
May GOD hear your prayer to help you gain control…

You are not alone. This explains me to a T!