What could cause the rash under my daughters neck?

My daughter constantly gets a rash under her neck no matter how much I clean it and try to keep it dry…what could it be from?


Keep burp rag under there, let the baby be flat so the baby neck can dry


Could also be a reaction to your laundry detergent or dryer sheets, soap etc…

Put some baby powder under

What does the pediatrician say?

Could be yeast. Ask pediatrician for nystatin!

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Drool rash or eczema best to see a dr.
I thought my boy had bad Drool rash no matter what I did nothing helped and it got so angry so we went to the drs and it was eczema
Set off by avocado and fish. He now can eat both with no flair up but his lil sister is starting to be the same so again we are avoiding those foods :laughing:
Best of luck mumma

Use bibs and make sure it goes into the crease of the neck so it catches any drool from her mouth before it slides into the crack

Maybe she dribbles at night when sleeping that would cause it, put Vaseline on before bed and during the day.

Put baking soda in her bath, you will be amazed!

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While it’s most likely harmless and just due to drooling, heat or possible yeast infection, it’s best to speak with a doctor just in case. Rashes can be indicators of other issues.

Prickly heat. Keep clean and dry and light coat of hydrocortisone cream. Check with dr first.

Keep it very dry and air out. Nothing tight around his neck. I would not put anything on it until I spoke with a Pediatrician. Don’t use hydrocortisone over the counter because the steroids are not good for baby.

Could be the soap you’re using.