What could have caused me to panic during sex?

Last night I was in the middle of intense sexual intercourse with my husband when I got a fading out feeling like I was going into a different world in my chest. I’ve never experienced this before. It scared me, so I started to panic and pushed him away. I couldn’t get my breath back, but I’m not sure if it’s because I started to panic or not whats everyone’s thoughts on this? Does everyone else experience this in sex as well, and what is the feeling.


Sounds like it was the beginning of an awesome orgasm if you can focus on that and not panic

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could have caused me to panic during sex?

Sounds like a panic attack


Hey dear, try to go for a cardiac follow-up. God forbid, hope everything is fine.


It was probably a panic attack but if it happens again you should definitely get a cardiac workup. The most common time for a heart problem to suddenly appear is during sex. I found out I have QT syndrome because I fainted during sex.

Probably a really good orgasm


It’s happened to me a few times and I still don’t know what caused it and I was fully sober… hasn’t happened in over a year

Sounds like a panic attack induced by irregular breathing which has happened to me numerous times… Follow up with your doctor if you’re feeling uneasy about it the situation.


Sounds like ya hit “G.”


Could be a heart problem. Best to get the doctor to run a few tests. Especially it happening with your heart rate being up.


Do you consume lots of caffeine?. It never bothered me before, but I’ve had that odd chest feeling just laying and doing nothing. I’d talk to the Dr to be safe.

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Panic attack. I have them. There are 2 different kinds. One that happens when you’re in a stressful situation and the other when you’re completely at ease and don’t have to be on alert. I get the second kind.

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That’s that good sex girl. Different worlds? Wow!.

All joking aside. Panic attacks can happen at anytime. It’s scary and it sucks. Go to a doctor

I’ve had it happen. It’s usually when the sex is realllllly good haha.

Adrenaline sent u into panic attack

Sounds like you just had your first orgasm


Sounds like you panicked over Euphoria. Which if you’ve never experienced that before it’s very possible it scared you.


Sounds like a panic attack. Could be nothing to do with sex. I’ve had them hit at the worst times lol

I’ve never experienced anything like that. I would have to categorize it as a panic attack also. But for what reason?

I used to get panic attacks from sex just because of the adrenaline and fast heart rate! We found positions that work to prevent that and now it doesn’t happen anymore with any! Your body just got confused on this was a good thing!

Sounds like a bomb ass intense orgasm

You had a panic attack. I’ve done that a few times.

This was not normal, nor was it an orgasm. I suggest seeing a Dr for cardiac workup, but might have been a panic attack.

Have your heart & stroke risks checked immediately!


Sounds like the beginning of a really intense orgasm. It’s quite scary the first time as you think you’re either going to split in two or have a heart attack. Takes a while to be able to realize to relax and enjoy. I always remember that it’s called La Petite Morte in French (little death) and that makes me relax.


Sounds like he legit blew your mind! :wink:


I’ve had that happen before when I suffered from anxiety and any feeling like that almost immediately threw me into a panic attack. If you suffer from anxiety I would just think you got into your mind a little too much but if not I would maybe get a check up.


Hi, therapist here - this sounds like dissociation. It’s caused by anxiety. It’s actually common during sex. Unfortunately the cause is not always clear. I have worked with people who have had this happen before (especially sex as a trigger.) I would definitely suggest working with a therapist to help you figure out what caused it and how to avoid it happening again.

Cardiac arrhythmia, get blood work, also a cardiac ecg and stress test done asap! I throw PVC’s and I get that empty feeling in my chest when it happens. A very unnerving feeling.


Why are you posting this private info here? If you are really concerned you should have gone to ER or made appt with your doctor.


Shit must have been good! Lol hope you figure it out and all goes well

Look into the term headspace and bdsm. With intense sex there are times you can slip into headspace.

Could of been u hyperventilating which caused a panic attack


Could’ve been your breathing pattern. Sometimes when the brain senses something different it can cause you to have a full blown panic attack or extreme anxiety.


Go to your doctor. Do not ignore signs like this.

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That’s a legit panic attack


You were emotionally invested and it took over your body! I have only had that 2 times I lose my breath cry and have the best o ever lol its crazy but I sleep so good after its heaven! But it is very intense! I cant say I’ve pushed them away but it definitely made it a intense mutual experience!


Sounds like a panic attack!

I have cried after intense orgasms. I can’t control it at all. So take that everyone asking why share such private info!


It’s possible for sex to cause all kinds medical issues! Especially freaky sex. People have had strokes, blood clots, heart attacks.

So definitely talk to your dr…

Also watch sex sent me to the ER it’s pretty fucking funnt

I work as a medical assistant in family medicine. Just to be on the safe side I would make an appointment with your dr and explain what happened. Please don’t be embarrassed to tell them everything (trust me we have heard worse). Your heart rate usually is elevated during sex and if that threw your heart into an irregular rhythm that needs to be addressed. It could have been a panic attack. It could have been something else. It’s hard to tell. But your dr can order an EKG and a stress test. The stress test will make sure your heart is functioning correctly and help rule it out. But I do think it is something to address. Again please don’t be embarrassed to explain this to your dr when you go in. Not giving them all the details ( not saying give a play by play just explain what happened during sex) won’t help them be able to decide what the appropriate tests to do and may give you the wrong treatment. They would rather rule out a heart condition and make sure your heart is functioning correctly than just say it was panic attack or an intense orgasm.

Damn honey sounds like u WERE :woman_facepalming: about to have an orgasm outta this world :earth_americas: :flushed: :confused: !!! Lol :joy: :laughing: :rofl: laughing with you !!! ( I’m still laughing if you are not ) :woman_shrugging::kiss:

That orgasm hitttttttt :joy::joy::joy: your soul almost left ur body… next time scream it out girl


Sounds like anxiety/panic disorder…ask your dr


Someone got their back blown out


I unfortunately was molested as a child and have panic attacks often during intimacy with my amazing hubby. He completely understands and changes things that trigger me.


Sounds like it must of been gettin real good :rofl:


You were probably about to pass out, because the sex was great. But, like some other people said. If you are really that worried, you should have went to the hospital.

I have but it was an entirely different issue…I had issues with sexual abuse as a child and a few times in foster care…that didn’t end so well when I spoke up like they said to so for me sex was an issue…and the first few times I got panicky and nervous and uncomfortable…
I’m not recommending this but I use to drink before sex to loosen up…but never with someone id been with and stuff…my husband never had me feel that way…sometimes certain phrases or positions would trigger a memory but knowing it’s my husband and stuff the memory wouldn’t be there long and it didn’t effect our sexual life …but I’d try and figure out the reason for the panic attack…my sister had issue but she had heart problem they didn’t find until her pregnancy but it caused her heart to get off beat when it was sped up…not always but she had it happen a handful of times…they had to monitor her heart beat for weeks and prescribed her medication for it but I’d get to the source of the panic attack…

If you have ever been assaulted, it could of been a panic attack stemming from trauma. Or, you were just feeling very emotional from the sheer intensity. Definitely consult a doctor, hun.


Sounds to me like something known as “sub space”


Sometimes when its really good ill cry but I’ve also panicked during sex do to ptsd related issues. It took me a long time to enjoy it and not be scared of it. Big chance if you haven’t had trauma it was a big O. But maybe see a Doc just incase

Subspace. You were going into subspace. Next time just go with it. You won’t regret it :slightly_smiling_face::wink:


Girllll you got yo guts REARRANGED​:joy::joy:


Happens to me all the time when I’m being really stimulated and excited I feel tingly and my heart beats really fast almost scares me too but it’s just being really sexually excited.

I know it isn’t the same, but I used to get incredibly intense and debilitating migraines whenever I had an orgasm. (God has a cruel sense of humor…:joy:) I went to my OB and we figured out the issue, I started a medication and now it isn’t an issue anymore. I would make an appointment and talk to your OB or primary care doc. I was super embarrassed about going, but once I went, and got it over with, I was so glad I did!

Not saying others don’t have it happen when they O, but I have O’s all the time for the last 19 years and I’ve never had any weird chest/heart feelings from a O. :woman_shrugging:t3:

girl wth wrong with u?? u can’t be scared to die when u know u in heaven!


panic attacks can come on literally anytime. It fucking sucks!

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The comments have me rolling :joy: but I would say subspace. Look it up if you haven’t heard of it!

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How was your breathing? If you feel your breaking too fast, it could have been hyperventilating. If so, you’d feel light headed, which happens a lot to people. Or just a simple orgasm

I was sexually abused for many years before my husband. I was diagnosed with OSRTD (“baby PTSD”). I get those panic attacks on occasion even with medication. If you’ve had any type of trauma or if you have anxiety, it could be a symptom.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could have caused me to panic during sex?

It sounds like a panic attack. It could have beem your body responding to the intensity you described

It’s an intense orgasm…I have blacked out before…it only last a few seconds

Depending on the position, we’re you getting enough oxygen?

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I was also thinking oxygen deprivation. You can have subconsciously been holding your breath.

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June she’s asking for advice there’s nothing wrong wi it if u can’t handle these kind of conversations leave then…and anonymous mama depends on what he’s doing I would say it’s the oxygen or he’s doing something different that u can’t handle


Congratulations it’s the first time your husband made you orgasm! (Jk :joy:) depends on the position you were in? Could’ve been cutting off your oxygen? Or a panic attack? I get those daily and idk why, kinda feels like a mini heart attack or something, couple times I was on the verge of blacking out :woman_shrugging:t2: I got everything checked by the docs, went to the emergency a few times and they couldn’t find anything wrong with my heart so idk :woman_shrugging:t2:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could have caused me to panic during sex?

I’ve experienced this once…then the panic went to straight crying. I felt so stupid (w my husband) I COULD NOT control myself. I never experienced it again. No clue why I panicked…maybe an anxiety attack…a lot can be subconsciously thinking of daily stresses

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could have caused me to panic during sex?

I have had a panic attack - scariest moment of my life. I will not say it’s random…there’s a reason your body is experiencing system failure and that’s usually stress.
If it was a panic attack…
Have you been stressed? Have you been to a doctor lately?

This has happened to me and it happened to me because of having severe anxiety and my heart rate just getting so high my body thought something was wrong and sent me into an attack. They only happen to me during sex when my life otherwise has been stressful like a bad day at work or something.

Sounds like a dissociative panic attack. Can be triggered by a rush of hormones during an “o” moment. I dealt with them the first few weeks getting back into the grind with my hubby. Talk to dr about getting some labs done to see where your hormone levels are at.

It could be a panic attack! I get them randomly every so often. There’s often not even a trigger either. I’ll just be going about my day and get an intense rush through my whole body and have a full on panic attack.


Kinda sounds like a panic attack. When I first left my abusive ex, I would get them all the time… At random times. When I was doing nothing. When I was working. When I was cleaning etc. At first I had no idea what they were. Just that I ask the sudden couldn’t breath and my chest was tight and heart beating really fast and lightheaded🤷 have you been stressed for any reason? Going through anything that, if you have anxiety, could set it off at any point in time. Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be a trigger. It could just come on at any point in time, during whatever big event may be going on. Def talk to your doctor. Meds work for some. Others not really. The medication only knocked me out lol so I learned ways to cope, and calm myself down when I’m having one.

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This has happened to me. It was severe anxiety and panic attacks. It took a while to find the right medication to help. Hang in there and be sure to talk to your Dr as soon as you can :blush:


Sounds like a panic attack, it can honestly come out of nowhere most times

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Low blood pressure? Low blood sugar?

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If you are starting or going through menopause that could be the reason

Stop letting him choke you during sex.

Sounds like a panic attack or low blood sugar and you where on the verge of passing out from it. I’ve passed out from low blood sugar a few times over the years, “fading out” is a good way to describe the feeling I start having a few seconds before my vision fades. Like you’re all tingly and the world starts going soft. If I can get sitting or laying down in time I can ride it out, the fading out feeling followed by the lightheadedness. I wasn’t there but I think you might have had that happen and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see your doctor about your blood sugar levels.

You were probably in your head too much instead of being present in the moment y’all were having. Try to relax your mind and focus on him next time.

I had never had a panic attack in my life until I was pregnant with our second child. The first one was during sex and I’m not sure who was more freaked out, me or my husband. I had several more during that pregnancy but never had another one after our son was born. It could be hormones, which is what my Dr. thinks happened to me.