What could high glucose levels mean?

I’m 34 weeks pregnant and my OB sent me for my glucose test at 30 weeks came back levels high I was suppose to go back to do the 3 hr test last week when he told me my results but ended up getting the flu so have to wait until Monday due to the fact the lab is closed weekends… if left untreated and I do have gestational diabetes will it affect or harm my baby ? Or will it not be good for the birth ? Getting C Section ( also I’m more the sure the first time I went for the sugar test I did not eat or drink healthy the night before so that can be a reason why my levels were high the first time around )


Also, if you are not diabetic it does not matter what you ate the night before because your body would produce the insulin to take care of those carbs.


i had the same problem she i had my son. The high glucose level could me because of the pregnancy diabetes. You should see a dietician to work on a eating plan at this stage eating wrong could lead to still birth. Eating according to the blocks system really works. Eating bad can harm the baby and put yourself at risk to . its difficult i know i used to be admitted at each visit till they get control of my glucose levels

High blood sugar during pregnancy increases the chance of birth defects, still birth, and preterm birth. I’ve been type 1 for 26 years and have to be extra on top of my diabetes while pregnant. Even with taking care of my diabetes my first was born at 35 weeks and my second was born at 32 weeks. Please, please call your doctor.


I failed both my 1hr and 3hr with my last son. All they did was check my blood sugar at my appointments. They were expecting my son to be large at birth…he was 7lbs 1oz and no problems at all. It is managed differently depending on your sugar levels. Definitely check with your OB though.

A change in diet for now and the 3 hr will confirm if that is actually what’s going on, so just pay attention to your carb/sugar intake do something close to 40% carbs or 219 grams, 37% fats or 91 gram, and 23% protein or 123 grams. Which will possibly balance you back out I was pretty close when I took my 1 hour test and this was what my doctor said to do. However noone here is a doctor and your may say something different.

I was gestational diabetic almost 40 years ago. Talk to your Dr. Get the test. My first weighed over 9lbs. My last wad 6lbs. Just be careful of the starchy foods .

I had gestational diabetes, untreated with my first (I didn’t know I had it till I was in labor) and he is okay. I had it with my 3rd as well, I had to check my blood sugars multiple times a day and take matformin to control my blood sugars. He was 8lbs 120z at birth, tested negative for diabetes, and at 5 months old is 25lbs and in 18 month clothing

If it’s too high you’ll need to adopt a diabetic diet. It can also cause you to have a larger baby. Insurance should pay for you to meet with a dietician. Mine was great & worked with my likes, dislikes and schedule.

GD can make you more susceptible to Type 2 diabetes later in life. You only have to be really strict/careful with your diet for a few months. It goes away once the baby is born! Hubs had Dove ice cream bars waiting for me in the recovery room.

They say once you have gestational diabetes you’ll have it with subsequent children, but I permanently adopted much of what I learned and didn’t have GD with my second baby.

Guess I was destined for big kids. My first was just under 9 lbs, at 8 lbs, 13 oz., but my second was 8.4!

You and the baby will be fine as long as you’re an avid label-reader and follow a diabetic diet. The worst part is drinking that sickly sweet liquid.