What could I get my OB as a thank you gift?

I was wondering if anyone has ever got their OB like aftercare to thank you gift? I just had my 2nd baby, and my doctor helped me soo much during this pregnancy. I love him. He’s a great doctor. I really would like to get him something to show my appreciation, but I’m not really sure what. Any and all ideas are helpful


Find out what alcohol they drink


I sent a handwritten card, a birth announcement and picture, and a set of earrings. She loved it and sent back a thank you note.

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A card amd maybe chocolate

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I sent a birth announcement with a thank you. Then, after his first bday- another card that had his year panel pics, with a thank you again.

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I mean my OB was always giving me a hard time why I never brought him anything from work(assistant manager at a DQ) so 1 of my last appointments before I had my daughter I brought him a blizzard cake :rofl::woman_shrugging:. He loved it.

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I think simple is best. Maybe a card and fruit basket or flowers?

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Find out what charities he supports. Donate to it in his honor.

An edible bouquet.


Maybe a fruit arrangement of some sort from Edible Arrangements? They have lots of different assortments. I’ve gotten fruit on a stick (fruit kebabs) for my sons school and everyone loved it!

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We literally would bring her & our nurse fountain pops to our appointments :joy:

Badge reels or pins for their ID badges are good options

I got my MFM and my OB this coffee cup. If it wasn’t for their high level of attention neither of my boys would be here.


Chocolate apples cheescake stuffed they’re so yummy and easy to make

Mine enjoys getting pics of the babies she’s delivered. She has cork boards covered in them.

I gave a mug and Starbucks card haha

I gave the Dr. Who delivered my son a yeti like coffee mug a stuffed bear in blue because of my son and a picture collage of each of his ultrasounds up to the day I had him and then a picture of him was included

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Face masks or fruit arrangement

I got my midwife a gift at my 6 week checkup. It was a personalized coffee mug that I made (she drinks a lot of tea and coffee being on call 24/7 and delivering multiple babies back to back), a framed photo of her with my son when he was born, and a historical book about midwifery.

I did for the whole nursing staff I got some yummy treats the dr legit basically shows up catchs the baby and the nurses do the work haha so I gave them all goodies!!


A baked treat for him to eat at the office and share with staff, maybe ask the employees what he likes. I know I always like food lol

I baked mine Cookies!

I got mine 3 bottles of her favorite wine

I had asked our nurse what my OB thought about gifts. She said “all she ever wants is to see a happy, healthy and thriving baby!” We gave everyone at the hospital a giant platter of baked goods for the snack room, and then sent a nice card with pictures of my baby to my OB. She still has his picture up!

A handwritten thank you note with one of the newborn photos you have taken.

I sent up a goody basket to the floor that took care of me while I was there. (My OB wasn’t there for the birth so he didn’t get any lol) the nurses did most of the work anyways haha!

Gift cards are a safe route! I like the idea of snack baskets, but having worked for a lot of different drs, almost all of them ended up giving most of it to the rest of the staff. Which is fine if that’s what you want. Homemade cookies were ALWAYS a hit with the older male docs!! :joy:

I got my ob a coffe mug filled with lindt balls for one child and a beer stein filled with liqueur choclates for the second - I had them personalised with a picture of a stalk and baby and superimposed my ob’s face and my baby’s face into the picture - then had my child birth details on it - he loved them! Both my boys were IVF so our ob really was our stalk!

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I sent an edible arrangement. She loved it!

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Every clinic I’ve worked in they all love wine

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A friend of mine got hers uterus shaped cookies. They were actually really neat :joy:


As a former l&d nurse I honestly think a detailed heartfelt note is what touched me most…hearing the things that I as a nurse did that comforted or helped them really pointed out to me that what I did was appreciated and noticed. But I will say, nurses and staff love gift trays of snacks-because during long shifts that may be the only snack they get that night :slight_smile:


I made 15 pink goody bags like 2 days before I was induced for the nurses and my OB GYN and his assistant for the day I had my daughter and the day after I had to stay n the hospital since I had a C section. They had candy, chocolate, water, pen, notepad and some gum in them…
About a week after I had babygirl, I made a basket full of a special dessert receipe in mini mason jars with a card and took it to my OB GYNs office for the staff to enjoy thanking them for 9 months of amazing help with my 1st pregnancy…i went all out!!!


I caught a sale at bath and body works with my 2nd baby and just took a bag of goodies to the office. With the 3rd, I put together a basketful of snacks and waters and things because they are so busy and don’t take breaks but it helps to have snacks on hand. With baby #4 I got two dozen “nothing Bundt cakes” mini cakes and took to my follow up appointment. Honestly, anything you do they will appreciate.

I got some goodies for the office and then a card and succulent for my OB dr. It was a small office so I didn’t feel overwhelmed trying to buy the whole office something.

Mine liked butterfinger candy so i got her a large bag and brought my daughter for visit before all this covid stuff and she loved it

I wanted to give my midwife her favorite wine but when we went to get some it was all gone. :cry::broken_heart:

I got mine a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant.

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That is so nice of you!
Gift basket, edible arrangement for office, with card and goodies addressed to the doctor

We got a ton of food send to the OB office as well as to the nurses on the labor and delivery/ mother baby floors.

I bought mine a bottle of single barrel Four Roses whiskey.


I would do a snack basket for the whole office.


I nice pen set boxed, they always need them. Lorimas in Banstead do some nice ones in the Cabinet under the till. Good luck

I got mine a Chinese Lucky Bamboo Plant :blush: easy to take care of and thrives indoors.

I think a fruit basket or a basket with snacks and stuff would be a good idea

I gave mine a bottle of good tequila :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:


I had custom cookies made that were individually wrapped for the office

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You are fucking kidding right? Sick is an understatement!

Send the office edible arrangement or candy with a thank you card.

A bottle of his favorite wine. That’s what we did this past Feb when our daughter was born. He was the best!!

Ask one of the secretaries for ideas! :blush:

a perfume gift set! :ok_hand:

My doc loved weird socks so i got him a few funky pairs

I got mine an orchid :relaxed:

Gift card fo dinner somewhere

I got my OB a gift set of his favorite whisky :tumbler_glass:! :relaxed:

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I bought my ObGyn a Thank You card. Seeing him smile while reading it really melted my heart. We have a really great connection/bond :purple_heart: