What could this pain be in my lower pelvis?

Could just be the normal pain from your hips spreading. I had the same thing happen to me with my last one starting at 4 months up to a few days after delivery.

Braxton Hicks getting your body ready for delivery also called false labor

Sounds like lightning crotch it’s a bitch

I had that too! It could be that there’s too much pressure on a nerve, or baby is hitting a nerve. I had to really limit my activity and lay on my side A LOT, which helped reposition things for me. Once my son dropped around 36 weeks, everything felt better!!

Sounds like Braxton Hicks abit to me for sure and the ligament pulls and pains, I had Braxton Hicks with both my children from 3 and 5 mths on. Same with not able to find a comfortable position and then just let exhaustion knock you out if you have too.

You are 32 weeks pregnant. It’s normal to have pain and pressure from the growing baby. Unfortunately it will probably get worse before you deliver. Try wearing a pregnancy support belt during the day and use a pregnancy pillow to support your belly at night. Also you can take Tylenol for pain. Check with your dr but when I was pregnant with my daughter my dr said I could take Tylenol pm that might help you sleep. And a warm bath before bed to help you relax

Pressure - your baby is growing fast now and it’s making it’s way down to be in position . It hurt me a lot when I walked on certain types of floors when I was pregnant .

Put a pillow between your knees and lay on your side, it takes the weight of the baby away from your spine and hips

Round ligament pain or lightening crotch it’s your body getting ready for the baby to come it’s normal. Its painful but normal.

All of those are possible- and likely-but I would still call doctor just to ask.

It’s lightening crotch. That means baby is head down and really low. Your pelvic area is also widening to get ready. As much as it hurts it’s good that’s it’s happening. A belly band will help ease it and not standing or sitting for two long. It needs to be exercised but not too much.


Everyone is calling it “lightning crotch” and “Round ligament pain” but just for a better picture of what’s going on…There’s this ligament that links the bottom part of the pelvic bone together. When you are getting ready to give birth, your pelvic floor separates and that ligament gets stretched pretty well. There are quite a few muscles down there that are getting stretched out as well. So, not only are you feeling the pain from your bones moving, but also the pain from your muscles that you never knew you had until now. I literally sat on a heating pad for the majority of the day in those last couple of months. I also tried to stretch and do circular motions with my hips, (like hoola hooping w/o the hoop), as much as I could. And lots and lots of water. Water helps keep the muscles hydrated, which helps with the soreness and pain. At night, the best I could do was use my pregnancy pillow. :woman_shrugging:t2: It was the worst when I needed to roll over or move my legs at all. I just had to power through it. Everything I tried for night time didn’t work…except for my recliner. I could actually get some sleep if I was laying in it.

I had very similar pains and still do not as often as I am 35 weeks

You are dialating in preparation to give birth

Bracketing hicks! Common

Try calling a doctor.