What did you do when you went into labor and had no one to watch your kids?

going on my second, my daughter will be a little past 3 when i have this baby so im asking what you guys did who didnt have anyone like legit anyone to watch your other one while giving birth? what was the plan?

Maybe find a one time (vetted) babysitter on care.com if you don’t have any loved ones to keep after your toddler. Most hospitals are ill equipped to watch the unsupervised children of laboring women.

I would also recommend making and finding friends that you can rely on because you will have dozens of times in your life where you may need someone to watch your kids in a pinch and you don’t want to be this level of anxious and panicked everytime that happens. Good luck to you.

Can the baby’s father watch her? My 17mo old was with me while I was in labor. It was stressful. He ended up missing up the birth (C-section). It would’ve been less stressful for them to not be there at all.