What did you do when your kids teeth started falling out?

What have you moms done when your childs teeth start to fall off? Do you keep them? How do you store them? Tooth fairy ideas would also be appreciated. Thank you in advance


I kept a couple for memories . Money is what the tooth fairy brings but my daughter once got a set of princess books !

I had kept all of my kids teeth (13, 23 & 26) until about a year ago when packing for a move and realized while it gave me comfort at the time now it was just a little strange to have baggies of all those teeth shoved in a drawer. Plus I allowed myself to think about when the time came for my kids to have to deal with the clutter (after my death) and got rid of things that really wasn’t needed or had no real emotional connections.

I think keeping teeth is a weird practice hahaha! But I know people do it. To each their own.

I did always leave money under pillows when they were in that tooth fairy stage though I would leave the tooth and when sleeping I would swap the tooth for a couple bucks they always loved it. I then threw the tooth away tho :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Definitely don’t keep the teeth. I think that’s super gross personally, but I also think it actually is bacteria filled and probably just not a good idea. Leave money though lol. Trash the teeth. :grimacing:

I kept the teeth til recently but I also made it easier on myself and made them put the tooth in a bag outside of their room…. I would get the glitter hair spray and spray the $ as well - made my girls actually believe more. Also ended with tooth fairy reciepts. Last tooth is always worth more as well

I keep them in a safe plqce with other special things. We don’t do the teeny tooth Demon though

I kept them all 3 even after tooth fairy :man_fairy: came and gave money.ages 28,12,11

I kept them, but they are spread out randomly in the house :rofl::rofl: Me being half asleep trying to be quiet and slip money under my kids pillow without waking them…I grabbed it, put it in a bag and shoved it somewhere she wouldn’t find it and went back to sleep lol. I did $20 for the first tooth. Couldn’t help myself. I did $2 -$5 each tooth after. I only have 1 kid so…yea.