What did you pack in your hospital bag?

What did you guys pack in your hospital bags for delivery? How many outfits for yourself and baby?

Make sure you have a going home outfit for baby and car seat. Other than that the hospital usually provides anything you might need for your little one so focus on you and making sure you have all the things to make yourself comfortable including snacks! Don’t forget your phone charger and maybe a tablet or a book something to entertain yourself! As for clothes pjs, a few changes of underwear, and your going home outfit (which should be something stretchy and comfy cuz you’re still going to have a belly afterwards) I hope this helps!

When I went to the hospital in labor they wouldn’t allow anything but ice chips before delivery. Afterwards they had meals, & a snack room open 24 hours. Some places will even serve you a steak or other nice dinner in a restaurant setting with your spouse/partner—go in with your hospital gowns & IV poles welcome. You should have birthing classes and a tour of the hospital well beforehand to answer all your questions.

Just wore a hospital gown for laboring & after. It was easy and if fluids etc got on it, you get a new one & don’t have to wash the old one. Plus they’re easy for breast feeding. After the birth I got those mesh hospital panties & pads. We brought several sizes of baby clothes. My son was too big for the smaller one, so we gave it to the lady in the next bed who had a preemie.

If you have a pillow/s you love, you can take it/them. Use a colorful pillowcase do it doesn’t look like you’re stealing theirs when you go home!

I brought a big stretchy shapeless jumpsuit with a zipper up the front to wear home. I couldn’t bear anything touching my waist because it had been stretched out so much. I guess everyone takes and posts fancy pix, so pack whatever makeup, hair stuff and clothing you want to put on for the ‘gram.

Sometimes hospitals will rent you infant car seats and you can buy a bigger one after they outgrow the infant one. But check—you will need a car seat to take baby home. Your insurance company should offer discounts on them.

If you’re in the U.S. you won’t be spending long in the hospital; 24 hours for vaginal delivery. BTW, circumcision for boys is considered optional, and you have to pay if you want it done at the hospital, so decide with the dad what you want to do if you have a boy. Also, that tarry first poop is icky and you practically have to scrape it off their little bum using a ton of wipes and your fingernails. Take everything home—Kleenex, water pitcher, diapers, wipes—you paid for them.

Hope your labor’s short and everyone is healthy and happy. :two_hearts:

Going home clothes for me , table and charger, and hubby his clothes and snack pk and baby a few outfits for hospital and going home outfit