What did you wear to the hospital after giving birth?

What did you guys wear home from the hospital after you had your babies… I was thinking a Pj set but then again… I really dont know.


I wore a comfortable dress home 2 weeks ago with my most recent baby. :slight_smile: At home I wear tights, feeding cami and light weight floral dressing gowns. Lol

What you want and comfortable

I wore sweats and a hoodie :rofl: my kids were born in winter during snow storms. Being warm was my only concern

Leggings and a nursing tank top and cardigan.

A pair of pajamas that was shorts and tee. It was august.

Sweatpants and a baggy t shirt

Sweats and a thermal shirt and hoodie. It was freezing here in Germany and I had a c section

I gave birth in September of last year, I went in in a crew neck sweatshirt and shorts and left in the same thing. While in the hospital I stayed in a nursing bra and adult diaper with a robe.

Leggings and a nursing top home. While in thr hospital, i wore comfy sweat pants and a nursing tank top with a throw over.

Tee shirt and loose cotton shorts

I think a summer dress but for some reason I cannot remember lol I remember what the baby was wearing

pj’s, a robe, I brought my own slippers for the time I was there but I ended up wearing home haha, and that’s it.

I wore a soft lingerie from Walmart and the matching robe. perfect open chest for skin to skin and boob access. the robe covered me well for decency.

Sweatpants and a flannel button up :rofl:

My moms clothes…mine was too small…:rofl::rofl:

Leggings, tank top and cardigan type sweater

I had a button down night gown I lived in them for quite some time

I wore really comfy, loose fitting pajamas throughout my stay and then going home! With comfy slippers

leggings and a big top. especially after my c-sections (i’ve had 3)

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A sweatpants and a t-shirt it was December

Girl what’s it matter you going home…? You got paparazzi waiting for you outside? Lol I wore yoga pants and a hoodie all 3 times.