What did your do for your childs first birthday?

So my little ones first birthday is creeping up on us fast and we’re very undecided on what to do. We were thinking maybe a trip somewhere he would enjoy but there’s not a whole lot a 1 year old can do lol what did you guys do for your littles first birthdays? Any ideas or recommendations to cool places would be appreciated


My first child I did the big birthday! I spent way to much money and stressed myself silly about everything being perfect, so with my second I did none of that and took the money I would have spent and went on a family vacation to bali and it was so much better

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I just had a BBQ with family and friends and did a little smash cake for my daughter

Have a fun family party and a smush cake .:birthday: Keep it simple and short.

A simple cake and ice cream party with decorations with just family and close friends. Nothing too elaborate. They don’t remember their first few birthdays. Save all that when they get older save the stress and money til they get older.
Take lots of pics so one day when they are older they can see them.
I feel like birthday party for a 1 year old is more so for the parents and guest. Bc a one year old has no idea what’s even going on. But that’s just me.
Keep it simple momma and don’t stress you’ll have more birthdays to come later in life.

I threw a small party with just family with the theme of whatever the child was into. My boys got Mickey mouse themed party and my daughter got Minnie mouse. We also had smash cakes for them.

For my twins I had a party for all the one year olds and parents that I knew from mother and toddlers. We all had our children within a week of each other. I did a smash cake party for my grandson and a buffet for grown ups.

Chuckecheese it was a blast I loved it and love looking at the pictures. Her first birthday was special to me bc I had her at 26 weeks and she almost didn’t make it

We took ours to the aquarium for his actual bday and cut a cake with just us and the most important ppl. Then had a party with all fam and friends that weekend. I personally love having parties

My littles first bday we were in throws of lock down. Same for bday 2 - we kept it small and simple. Our bubble plus food. His 3rd we were able to actually have bigger - same co clothes food / cake / presents, at home - family.

Had a party at the park for my first two, and my third had a party at Chucke Cheese

friends and family round for nibbles and cake.

Just have cake and ice cream for immediate family and close friends. No stress no worries.

A family trip and take lots of photos for an album

Cupcake, present, song. Done!!

It’s more about what you would enjoy doing with your 1 year old and think they’ll love too. They won’t remember but you sure will and lots of pictures so you can tell stories.

We had a small party at home with friends and family.

We just had a little family gathering

We did a family celebration at the park

I just did a party and we bbq for both my kiddos first birthdays and had everyone come. Nothing too crazy or expensive bc they aren’t goin to remember it. I’d wait on trips til he is older more for him to do the older they are. I’d keep it simple as possible less stress on you too! From personal experience you spend the whole time worrying if everything is going right instead of being in the moment.


I let mine smash some cake on his hi chair and then we played in the pool

It’s a celebration of one year for the little and a party for the bigger. The one year old isn’t going to remember it.

We usually just did a small party for family. At one year they get overwhelmed and tire easy.

Backyard party for my kids when they were one. One had a prince theme with a throne and huge card board castle that kids could color and play in. Another had a carnival theme with popcorn & cotton candy machines. A moonbounce is always included to occupy & entertain all ages.

It was just me his dad and him for it… Just hung out at home sang him happy birthday and gave him a little smash cake and a few presents… No need to go crazy bc they won’t remember it anyways :woman_shrugging:t2:

We did a little party with immediate family and a custom cake.

Dar y Creek Park grilled out hot dogs chips drinks cake under one of their shelters

Dinner with grandma and grandpa and the childs first cake, no need to overwhelm the baby or yourself. BUT pictures are important!!!

They never remember there first birthday. Just have family over . Cook out and cake . The 2nd Birthday they will understand

We just bought a smash cake with her regular cake and let her go to town. She got like 3 presents but she didn’t know what was going on. I know it’s important because it’s the first one, but it’s not something they remember so don’t go overboard

My sister 1st we did Thomas the train and my daughter we did a watermelon theme

Don’t do too much. They remember nothing about it. Just something small and intimate.


He’s not sure what planet he’s on so keep it simple a few gifts,a bar b q and cake and a few close friends

We had cake & ice cream for family. No clowns. No petting zoo. No goodie bags. Just cake & ice cream. Not store bought cake, homemade cake.

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They are still very tender at that age. We had a cake with very little people

I did too much lol… that 1 year old doesn’t give two shits what you do and won’t remember it either :woman_shrugging:

Anything you do will be for you, not the baby. He won’t understand or remember. Plus babies get overwhelmed with a lot of attention. Keep that in mind.

I did a party for my oldest. My second we went to CEC. That was a mistake. It was crowded, she was clingy & cried almost the whole time. For the third we just did cake & a couple gifts at home. By far that was the best first birthday of all my kids. Simple, got pics for him to see/have later.


Your child is one. They won’t remember anything you do for their birthday. Any celebration at this age is for the family, not the kid. There’s nothing wrong with that, just be realistic. Does your child travel well? If not, opt for a family party. Can you go somewhere with childcare? If not, you’ll miss out on doing a lot of things.

Smash cake, an a small get together! A few little presents and few new outfits!

Don’t waste your $. Do family and close friends at the house with food and cake