What diet actually works?

Any of you have a recommendation on a diet plan that actually worked for you? I want to lose 20 pounds and I’m stuck. I eat health for the most part. I eliminated sugar and junk food awhile back. I did keto about 5 years ago and gained it back as soon as I stopped. I am a fairly active person. Not looking to take diet pills. Any recommendations?

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E2M Personal Training. Been doing it for 2 years best $320 I ever spent all cirutal and the most I needed to buy was weights just need to be open minded and willing to take change and change your mindset they have so much to offer it’s amazing

Calorie deficit. I’ve lost 30lbs (and still going) by tracking my calories.

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i did alot of walking ate dinner early and lost like 50 of 90 pounds that i gained drank more water too lost from gaing like 28 years ago.

Water, water, and more water.

Cut your calories. Start by recording what you eat (everything you eat) for two weeks. Get the average of that, and then start cutting out 200-300 calories at a time until you get down to 2,000 a day.

Calorie deficit! I’ve lost 60 pounds and now mindfully count and still loosing weight


Protein chicken eggs veggies no fruit no carbs no starch no juice

Weight machines at the gym…subway chicken(protein) teriyaki 6 inch sandwich with veggies. Muscle burns fat. Takes up less space than fat.

Honestly, no one can give you the right answer because everyone’s bodies are different. I started with looking at my genetics, I am mostly German, so I started eating more viking like (which turns out is a lot like a body builder diet), down 30 pounds so far.

Intermittent fasting is what worked for me. Not a diet, but a lifestyle change. I stop eating at 7pm and eat again at 11am.

I do portion control after having an allergy test done. After cutting out dairy due to an allergy, swapping to a smaller plate, drinking a glass of water before and after any other drink and including more vegetables I’m less bloated and have gone down almost 2 pant sizes. I feel better, less to no bloating, and my skin cleared up.

Intermittent fasting or OMAD one meal a day, both work great.

To be fair I tired everything from slimming world weight watchers slim fast etc nothing worked for me . I started the juice plus diet in December and lost 9pound in two weeks I would have lost more but I stopped over the Xmas period xx

Intermittent fasting and being mindful of carbs.

I’m in the same boat. Keep me informed if you find something.

High protein, 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism going and lots of water (half your weight in oz= 150lbs would be 75oz water)

One thing I found that helped me was starting to do exercises first thing in the morning for about 30 mins and just do reps of squats, sit ups, leg lifts etc. And a bit of yoga too. (Or what part you’d like to lose weight from, I was targeting my thighs, hips and butt) And I’d do if 3 times a week. Once I started doing that I found I didn’t want to eat bad food, cause it would make me feel yuck.

I’d suggest looking into a health coach who can help you really focus on behavior change and mindset. A real health coach can be hard to find but if you’re in the US and look at USREPS you should be able to find a Certified Health Coach fairly easily!