What do braxton hicks feel like?

Hey mommas! I am a 31 weeks with my first baby. I have been getting these dull pains, almost like I have to poop and the pain last for about 30-40 seconds, and happens about 3 to 4 times a day. I have read that it could be Braxton hicks contractions, but I don’t know if that’s what it is. So my question is it Braxton hicks, or is it something eles.
***BTW I have brought it up to my doctor and she didn’t give me any information about it, so I’m lost.


Honestly it could be gas. I would only be concerned if it was happening at regular intervals.

I would agree with Vanessa Spurlock, it is probably gas.

It may be or just being uncomfortable! I’m on my 3rd baby and I’m 37 weeks and I get them every day now :woman_facepalming:t3: She’s already dropped and I’m already starting to dilate so the pressure is insane down there! So its either she wants to come on her own and my water break or I’ll be induced just like her brother and sister at 39+ weeks :sob:

That sounds like Braxton hicks it’s pressure though.baby is low an getting positioned.walk every day it helps an helps you go faster in labor.

Braxton Hicks. I have them to

Baby could be pushing on intestines or colon

Nothing to worry about

Sounds like BH to me.

Idn about everyone else but my tummy will contract after sex for me it hurts but that’s similar as braxtons but Braxton’s doesnt hurt

Lay on your left side and keep hydrating.

I’m also 31 weeks with my 2nd baby though. I have Braxton Hicks that feel like that as well, more often when I’m dehydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water and put your feet up for a few minutes

Your body getting ready for birth.

Drink lots and lots of water and maybe get checked for a UTI

Maybe also get some organic prune juice

And organic cranberry juice

I would csll my doc. Ask questions better safe than sprry

Braxton Hicks don’t hurt. It’s more like a tightening and release of your stomach. I’d go to the obgyn just to be safe could be constipation or a uti

It’s dehydration causing false labor pains. Drink Water and lay on left side I have been facing the same exact thing at 34 weeks. Ouch :sob:

It could be labor keep time if it gets closer go to the hospitol.

Pelvic floor pressure. Braxton Hicks are uterine contractions, don’t open the cervix. They are just your uterus priming itself for the big show. You are fine.

BH felt like period cramps to me, could be baby sitting on something… doesn’t hurt to have extra water if your BM are taking time then definitely have some fibre…if still not feeling well then please see a Dr again

They say you can prop up your feet and drink water and of the feeling goes away its BH if not well you may want to go to the hospital to have them check

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do braxton hicks feel like?

Could be dehydrated as well. You should drink more water and lay down.


A wave of tightening. Sometimes strong. Sometimes little. Chug water. Eases them


When I got Braxton Hicks my stomach would get super super tight and it would be really uncomfortable for a minute. Mine weren’t so much like cramps.


Kind of feel like a bad period pain, it’s normal to get them that far along. If they become more intense and feel more regular then a bad period pain then it’s possible you could be in early labour

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They are like a tightening/burning feeling for me. I started having them around 16 weeks with my 3rd. My rule of thumb was if I could sleep through it, it wasn’t the real thing.

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For me, Braxton Hicks just feel like my stomach tightening and I can’t catch my breath. Not because of pain, just squeezing.

Contractions for me feel like really strong menstrual cramps in my uterus and back… it also feels like kidney pain.

Contraction should last a minute
If they hook you up they won’t count it unless it’s 60 seconds

So question, I’m 21 weeks and if we have “basic” intercourse I’m fine but anything else and I cramp and my stomach tightens too. Is this normal so early?

That’s labor ma’am. I went into labor at 36+2 after my husband and I had intercourse. They admitted me overnight & They gave me a shot that starts with the letter T to stop the contractions & sent me home the next day

Dehydration will cause that . My OB asked me the other day if I drink plenty of water I said I try he’s like it’s supposed to be one gallon a day LOL I’m like whaaaaattt? I’ve been drinking 3-6 bottles of water a day I thought I was good


Braxton Hicks just felt like really bad tummy pains for me that would happen every 5 mins but wouldn’t get any stronger as time went on

They feel like a wave, but tighten your muscles around your belly. They last a minute or so each but can go on for hours if youre dehydrated. Real contractions are bone deep, where muscles are pulling bones apart to prepare for birth.

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Drink a big glass of water and lay down. Time them. If they get to every few minutes apart and last a minute it’s time to go get checked.

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Braxton Hicks are inconsistent. Your entire belly gets really tight, it doesn’t last long. It isn’t painful but can be uncomfortable. Real contractions will get stronger and closer together. And much more painful. If the cramping doesn’t stop with change of movement like if you were on your feet for a while then sat down the Braxton Hicks would stop. If it’s real contractions they will continue no matter what you do

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Intercourse so far along in pregnancy can def cause labor. Go to Dr and get checked.


When I had Braxton Hicks, they felt just like the real deal to me. :woman_shrugging: People always say you’ll know the difference, but I was 5cm dilated and in active labor and thought I was having BH bc it felt the same as it did all the times before. I mean, obviously they got more intense eventually…but I definitely didn’t think I was in labor.


Do you feel like you’re going to have diarrhea with pent up gas bubbles? That.

For me the were like mild contractions. You feel like your muscles are tightening like they may cramp up, hold that tightly feeling, and then ease away. I didn’t have them with my 1st pregnancy, but my 2nd pregnancy was twins and they started around 27 weeks and stayed till they were born at 36 weeks.

Yeah Braxton Hicks for me was tightening in my lower stomach, when I was in labor it was like severe period cramps. If I were you I would call your doctor and drink lots of water.

Like a rubber band tightening around your stomach

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I’ve been going through the same thing and I’m also 35 weeks. As long as it doesn’t get more intense and closer together then you should be good! Next time it happens just relax and drink some water. I’ve noticed I get them more after intercourse as well. Hope that helps!

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Braxton Hicks are tightening of the uterus and very uncomfortable but tolerable, can feel like bad period cramps. They help with dilating the cervix. Contractions you can really feel in your pelvis and mostly your back. You can get Braxton Hicks from many things like sex, dehydration, excessive heat or activity and sometimes just at random.

Baby’s Due August 2021 :pregnant_woman:|Pregnancy Group| is a great group for you to join. I’m also 35 weeks. This is normal after sex.

It is normal to feel cramping at least 30min after having sex while pregnant but it’s a good thing you’re playing it safe and going in to be seen

It’s a good thing, body is preparing. Drink water

Braxton hicks are not consistent… you wouldn’t be able to put a time mark between them. I’m currently 36 weeks 2 days & ive been having them for weeks now BUT I can never say how far apart they’ll be. Usually they don’t last longer than an hour straight but will range from minutes apart to long stretches like 15-20 minutes & last for anywhere from around 15 seconds to a whole minute. But then they’ll stop & I won’t feel another one for hours if at all. The most consistent I had was them happening all day on super hot days where it’s hard to keep hydrated & cool but still nothing close to labor. Real contractions I’ve also learned are far more intense… they were so bad it was almost impossible to breathe during one & they went DEEP. It was my whole belly & felt like they’d even go closer into my back & just super deep inside & would feel like pressure building where it was as if someone had a hand inside pushing the baby down inside. Best thing to do is what you’re doing which is going to be checked because if it’s preterm labor they can stop it in a lot of cases & also give you a steroid shot to be safe incase baby would decide to come early. I had it twice.

For future reference when you’re thinking you’re getting them, it helps to start chugging down water & lay on your side. If they’re not real contractions that tends to slow them down & make them stop. Real contractions won’t stop no matter what you do or at least not without assistance from doctors.

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False labor …usually you should go put your feet up higher then your heart and rest for an hour they’ll usually disappear

I had pain in pelvic area the dr said baby was stretching plus back and hip pain starting at 7 months

BH are very normal after sex. My doctor told me 5-1-1 rule for labor. 5 min apart, lasting about 1 min each time, and going on for at least an hour. And with both births my contractions felt like REALLY strong period cramps

Mild contracting. Like a muscle spasm in your tummy. Much better than the real ones.

The are at the bottom
Of the uterus.

They feel just like contractions but they don’t worsen

My stomach tightened and it was extremely uncomfortable like I was severely bloated with no poop coming out

I don’t think they can be consistent. You might be dehydrated or intercourse might have led to uterine cramping.

Good thing you are going to the Doctor. Every one is different

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Labor is mostly longer, stronger, closer together. That said I was having what I thought were Braxton Hicks n they weren’t. I called my Dr ( 3rd baby) n asked if I could come in as the contractions hadn’t stopped in 2 hours but there was no pattern. I was 39 weeks. I just knew I didn’t feel right. She checked me n I was fully dilated n fully effaced. She said my water was intact but she could feel the baby’s head. Off to Labor n Delivery I went n had my daughter 10 min after I got settled. Lol. If I had waited n my water had broken I’d be delivering my own baby

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Intercourse always causes uterine irritation for me, it shows up on the monitor as mild contractions too. They usually seem to go away. Lately I’ve felt the tightening all over but it’s never consistent I’m 36 weeks on Wednesday pretty close to how far you are. Don’t be surprised if they send you home from irritation from sex.

My stomach just gets really, really tight feeling. Almost like the baby is stretching all the way out. It only lasts for a few minutes and doesn’t come back like real contractions do.

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I’m 31 weeks. They sometimes are uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t say exactly painful. Lately mine have been really low toward the bottom of my uterus. They don’t last long maybe 20-30 seconds. Contractions after orgasm or intercourse are normal. Drink lots of water and rest.

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Might be labor. Braxton Hicks are more in your tummy. And it super painful. Just very very tight and can’t really move or breathe right for a Moment. It’s like
Your belly turns into a tight ball for a moment and not usually consistent. Just random.

Mine didn’t hurt. Just a ripple going from one end of my belly to the other. I was having too many when pregnant with my twins. Turns out I had an infected tooth, root canal took care of it and the contractions.

When I had Braxton hicks I didnt feel any pain it just felt like the skin on my stomach was tightening and contracting

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Your uterus contracting from having an orgasm :woman_shrugging:t2:

When you reach they’ll inform you. I know this is safe haven and mommy advice central but when it comes to pregnancy and pain I’ve learned the hard way get myself to a hospital instead of online listening to advice of well meaning women with extremely different conditions than mine. Please go to the ER when you’re in pain


Braxton Hicks are a random contracting of the uterus. They won’t be consistent and definitely won’t start to come closer and closer together. Sex can trigger real contractions especially later in pregnancy. Sounds like that might be what happened.

I thought I was having Braxton Hicks because they were sporadic and there was no logic in the process but it turned out I was in labor. One would happen and 5 minutes later another, then 8 minutes, then 2 minutes, then 15. I drove myself to the hospital in active labor

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I Actually found All 3 of mine With Brixton Hicks Actually Hurt… as much as they Say they shouldn’t Hurt All I know all 3 of mine Hurt everyone is so different to How it feels and if they are gonna hurt or not. You know when ur In Real Labour Its hard to explain.

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any updates i wonder did she go into labor

Asking advice is great…but im hoping you’ve been to hospital and everything is OK

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do braxton hicks feel like?

I’m glad you are on your way to hospital because this was me! I was 34+5 have the same you and I had my little boy the next day! Definitely go in and get checked!

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Mine felt like a severe period pain that came and went but they caused me to have hot flushes. Tightening of the belly and pelvic area! X

Mine felt like my entire bump has hardened and was stretching. They started at 31 weeks and then calmed down at 37 :see_no_evil:

My Braxton Hicks with my daughter were so strong I didn’t realise when labour started. I had Braxton Hicks for 2 months before she was born. Never really had them with the boys.

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It’s different with everyone, some women only feel there belly tightening ect with no pain, some women have moderate pain and other women have all pain. From my understanding braxton hicks are never in sequences, as they say it’s more like “practice labor” …

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do braxton hicks feel like?

So my period cramps are normally way WORSE than my actual contractions!! Thank god for mirana!! Now I have none of that. Braxton Hicks for me just felt like my stomach/belly getting tight as a rock. If you make a real tight Popeye muscle with your bicep and you can feel the MUSCLE tighted but no real pain, that’s what they felt like for me.


For me it’s a tightening from my lower abdomen that goes up to the top of my belly. Some I get are crazy tight and I have to work on breathing. Feels like someone sitting on me.
I’ve had alot today and I’m 32 weeks.
With BH, if you move around/take a nice bath/shower, they will go away.
Every single person is different. Just like some women have back labour and some dont. Some breeze through labour and others really feel it. I thought I was having BH with my 1 son. Every 5 mins. I went to get checked and they were real and I was 3cms dilated. He came a few days later.

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I have 3 kiddos and i never experienced any labor contractions. ( scheduled c-sections) however my last child was born at 29 weeks. I did feel some contracting but i didnt know that at the time. So…her dad basically didnt care and went to sleep. That was 3am. By 5am i got a ride to the hospital and she was born by 7am. When we would have intercourse i always had cramping in my pelvic area. So, hopefully that is what is causing your discomfort. You are in my prayers.

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Always better to play it safe. I thought I was having Braxton hicks and was in labor and had my baby at 29 weeks :pensive:

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I think it depends on so many factors for each individual that it is hard to give advice …I would just say trust your body and if you don’t then go get checked for peace of mind I didn’t realize Braxton hicks from cramping pain from periods and I ended up in 13 hours of back labor to have a c-section at 37 weeks with my first

Period cramps, the big brother of cramps haha. Mine felt like bad cramping, and similar to contractions without the pain

I can’t tell if my child has put their hand above her head and it’s placing pressure on my cervix sometimes, or if it’s Braxton hicks. I remember when in labor with my first child, I was only experiencing menstrual cramp type pain, and I was expecting a lot more pain so I was mentally preparing myself for an immense pain that never really happened.

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I never had bad contractions, my contractions felt like bad period cramps. Had them on and off for two days before my water broke at 33 weeks. I delivered a 4lb5oz 5oz baby girl within 9 hours of my water actually breaking

Labor is a big possibility at 35 weeks. With them coming so frequently, I would think it could possibly be the real deal or Braxton Hicks. If this is your first child your doing the right thing mamma by going to be checked out to make sure. :heart: good luck to you and hoping you feel better soon. As far as preparing yourself, just take a deep breath and let things come as they are. One step at a time.


Just a really blunt pain. When your whole stomach gets hard as a rock and gets very mis-shapened. I had these for 3 months prior before going into labor with all 3 of my kids.

Idk about everyone else but when I was pregnant I couldn’t tell the difference between Braxton hicks and actual contractions to the point where when I was in labor I was convinced it was just Braxton hicks again but thankfully still went to get checked out

Braxton felt like my stomach being really tight, actual labor cramps felt like the worst period cramps I had ever imagined

Sounds more like you are in labor labor is wave of contractions that come as close together as 10 minutes and lasts at least 30 seconds

Mine felt like a constant cramp pain on my left side, around my hip, belly and lower pelvis area. It lasted for hours at a time, then it’d go away for an hour and come back for hours at a time again, sporadically. I only started getting them around 37 weeks. They’re very different than labour contractions. Those things build up and fall back down quickly. Braxton hicks felt like a constant stabbing pain.

I have no idea lol I swore I black and blue I was having Braxton Hicks with my second baby then there was a little bit of blood so told the midwife, she was already at the hospital and told us to go there and get checked out and 20min after arriving at hospital the baby came lol very fast but I was 39 weeks

I get them starting at 20-22 weeks each pregnancy. They’re just tightening with minimal pain or discomfort. They’re just tight. Real labor felt like period pain only. Back crampy and achy, front achy like full blown period was going. And it felt that way non stop for a couple days before baby was born.


With 2 of my 4 the Braxton hicks were so bad I thought for sure I was going into labor like I’d have to stop and lay down. It was like a wrap around pain I could feel them in my back too. It started around 34 or 35 weeks I had c sections at 39 weeks with both and they started about a month before I was so worried I’d go into labor before my c section.

It feels like tightening occasionally a little bit of pain but not like real labor pain

I would say Braxton Hicks , which happens more after intercourse.
Period like cramps, pretty close to real labour honestly. Just not as close together


I promise real labor you probably wouldn’t be questioning it lol if you can walk around fine you should be ok or drink water a put your feet up if they go away judt Braxton Hicks