What do braxton hicks feel like?

I’m 23 weeks and 5 days with twin boys. I’ve been having alot of pain like contractions thru out the day to where sometimes my husband has to help me walk. I don’t go back to my Dr until the 21st. Has anyone ever had to deal with that pain before? I know it’s not labor because I have 4 other kids.


Twins are a whole other beast when it comes to pregnancy pains. Sounds normal, just drink a ton of water, put your feet up and call your doctor if you get really swollen.


Might be pelvic griddle pain I have it and get contraction like pains and unable to walk

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I’m 34 weeks 2 days with twin boys and I’ve been having Braxton Hicks since I was 15 weeks they are so much more uncomfortable than with a singleton. I’ve also have severe round ligament pain in my hips and lighting pain in my pelvic area. So all in all I’ve spent pretty much my entire pregnancy in some sort of pain and my doc said it’s because my uterus is growing at a rapid pace so it’s not giving my body time to adjust. This is my 3rd pregnancy and by far my most painful. Just take it easy and do t push your body too far it’s harder to recover from if you push your limit. Congrats on the boys!


My last 2 pregnancies I had contractions from 14 wks til I had them. I had all my kids early! One at 36wks one a day after 36 wks n my last at 35w 5 days so u should get checked. Some docs call it “irritable uterus” u should try drinking ALOT of water!!! I mean excessive amounts n bed rest!!!

All 3 were healthy n no NICU time just a week in the hospital my 2 boys had jaundice

I get pains that feel like being stabbed in the vagina, and I cant move. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re experiencing or what.

I had this with my third son
He was a big baby My dr would tell me when it happened to lay down and elevate my feet
It definitely helped
Also agree with the lady on the
irritated uterus comment
My daughter had that with her second baby. She had to get iv fluids and then drink plenty of water the rest of her pregnancy
Good luck!!!

You’re carring precious cargo,don’t wait.

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I would at least call in…better to be safe then sorry…every pregnancy is different …especially with twins

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Twin pregnancy is very hard! I contracted for 9 weeks!

I would probably call ur dr about that. If theyre contraction pains you need to go in asap

I’m 26 weeks and have called my doctor like 5 times due to pressure…it literally feels like hes gonna drop out. I was evaluated a couple times and it comes down to “it’s normal…nothing to really do”. I’ve tried bath with Epsom salt, ice, heat, ect. I can’t imagine how it feels with twins!