What do doctors do for ringworm?

Anyone experience ringworm in toddlers? What did the doctor do for it


Foot fungus cream. I’ve used it on dogs and boys :laughing:

Fungal cream. My daughter has gotten it several times from gymnastics. Daily application of the cream will clear it up in a few days.

Also don’t forget to cover it. It is very contagious. I had it as a kid.

Clear nail polish works great

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Anti-fungal cream or just plain old athletes foot spray (which is also an anti-fungal). My oldest had it a few times when he was small.

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I’ve raised a teenage boy and let me tell you the absolute best thing for ringworm is the can aerosol spray otc. It dries it up much faster than the cream. Wash and dry area thoroughly and spray it a couple times a day. Keep it dry, moisture will make it worse. If you’re raising a boy keep it on hand. Sports uniforms, gyms, and just them being sweaty in general brings it on more than you think.


Otc fungal cream will get rid of it in a few days time


Tinactin is the name of it

My grandma always used clear nails polish


You can go to the local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to help you get ointment for it. Basically athletes feet cream or fungal cream usually.

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Athletes foot cream. Fig leaves also work

Use the individual persons fresh urine on it 3 to 4 times a day until its gone. Usually about 4 to 7 days.
Taken from experience. Mom and nurse. I’ve had several bouts of this deamon and this in my opinion is the best alternative to medicine that dosen’t work and costs a ton of money.

Get a fresh clean cup just for the urine and use a cotton tip to apply. Apply directly to area 3 times a day. Bath daily and wash area with soap. This should resolve in by the 7th day. If not sooner.

athletes foot spray. It works. Ringworm is a fungus


Any kind of antifungal. My mom used to put clear nail polish on it to suffocate it and it’ll stop spreading

It’s a fungus. Get some anti fungal cream.

Aloe vera or coconut oil. Many times a day. Also wash the area with soap and water. It will clear up in about a week or it should clear up quite a bit in a week

Bleach deluted applied 3 or 4 times a day on a cotton ball. Kills the fungus.