What do homeschool moms use?

Do any moms homeschool on here and if so what websites or online portals do you use? I was planning on using K12 for my son who’s going to be in kindergarten this year but I’ve been reading up on it some more and it says he has to log in right when school starts and doesn’t log off until school is over, gets bombarded with 30 plus worksheets a day and then other people were saying all their kid does is play games all day because the online teachers dont care. I’ve done a lot of research and read kindergartners only need about 2 hours of studying a day and with my 5 year old being on a first grade learning level I want something I can go by and teach him myself instead of him staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day learning stuff he already knows. So I’m just wondering what websites or apps y’all use for your little ones. TIA


My son is in 6th grade this year and he is in k12. I honestly love it. Some people like it, some people hate it. It all depends on what your expectations are. If you want your kid to learn, then it’s great. They are not on all day. My son signs on at 8:45 every morning then he is on until 9:55. After that, he gets a break for an hour and a half, then he goes back on for ELA at 11:30. Then he is done for the day. Wednesdays is minimum day for my sons school so he is done by 10:40 on Wednesdays and on Tuesday and Thursdays he has science or history which starts at 1 then over by 1:40. Don’t know about the younger grades schedule exactly but I have heard it’s similar. Both of my son’s teachers don’t allow goofing off in the class during learning time. Home room is the time for their fun… they can get up, stretch, get a drink, eat, use the restroom, etc as they need and that’s the one thing I love about the program. My son needs the breaks between classes. Hope this helps. But ultimately, nobody can answer that question for you as everyone has a different experience. Only advice I can give you, try it and see if it’s a fit for your family.

Find a curriculum that works best for you. I used Miacademy and will be trying Kahn Academy next. There’s also the Good and the Beautiful if you want a more faith based program.

For Kindergarten, you don’t even need a curriculum. You could just read and play games and explore the world and they will still learn everything they need to know. We use spectrum (start with phonics K-2) and Math in Focus, both can be found on Amazon. For the rest, we learn through our environment and educational books and videos.

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Connections academy. I believe each state has one. You do not have to log in and stay logged in. Unless they changed it up this year. This year is the first year I haven’t homeschooled since covid. It was very easy, very flexible. Your kid could be done in less than half the time than brick and mortar school and have the whole day to theirselves. Very convenient

Sent the information to my Friend Robyn Curtis…she does with her daughter…I support :100: percent :pray::blush: if would like hit on Facebook if want to… Amanda

We homeschool but use CLE (Christian light education) and unit studies like Gather round, waldock way and campfire curriculum they are in book form or printed from pdf’s

As cool as it sounds don’t use oak meadow.