What do I need to know about hydrocephalus?

Are there any mamas out there that have dealt or are dealing with their baby having hydrocephalus? I’m a first time mom and my baby was just diagnosed with fluid on his brain at 9 weeks old and I’m kind of freaking out.


My cousins baby has this! She was their rainbow baby and they never gave up on her. They had MANY sleepless night and MANY hospital visits and surgerys but she is GREAT now. I think she is now 8 or 9 months :slightly_smiling_face: you’ll be okay mama!

My friends sister has this as well as numerous other medical conditions. She wasn’t expected to survive a short time out of the womb but is now almost 25, I believe! She’s amazed so many doctors it’s insane! Don’t give up hope. Be strong for your son! :heart: also if you pm me, I can link you to her mom who would probably love to help inform you more on this. Violet?!

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My son is 23 years old, he has always had hydrocephalus. He is doing good with his shunt❤️!!

Yes, like Kristen said, my daughter Rachel was born with, and has hydrocephalus. She has a VP shunt to drain the fluid from her brain into her stomach. All the doctors said she would not live to see her 3rd Birthday, boy where they wrong!


Personally I have not but a friend has two babies with this condition. The put a shunt in their brains. They are both happy healthy and thriving at 6 and 3.

My granddaughter does and will be 3 in July…she has a shunt in her head that drains the excess fluid off her brain and drains into her belly…she’s a healthy, active and very sassy little girl :blush:

My 2nd son did. He actully grew out of it and is a healthy 8 year old now.

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My boyfriend was diagnosed with it when he was born. He currently has a shunt of the right side of his brain

My great niece was born with it. She had a shunt put in at birth. She is now 23 year old and is living a normal life. Go stay calm and listen to your Dr’s and your inner voice

Sending you strength and love.i dont have a xhild with this mine has other issues but the fear and heartache i can understand. You are not alone sister

Thank you all for the kind words! Hopefully we can get this figured out and get my baby boy happy and healthy!

Im in the hospital now with my 3 year old for this, he’s had a shunt for over a year for this and other reasons, now they may place a new one for hydrocephalus. He’s a crazy happy, sassy 3 year old boy! It sets him back temporarily from things, but he’s always back to himself in a couple days.
Good luck :heart:
(he may even be growing out of it)