What do I need to know about my son getting his tonsils and adnoids out?

Ok mamas my 3 year old is getting his tonsils and adenoids removed Friday. Are there any life hacks I need to know about to make our lives easier?

Sleep propped up, lay a towel on the pillow (this way if they cough out some blood you can quickly change it out and it doesn’t scare them) learned this one the hard way. Stay on top of the Tylenol and ibuprofen or whatever meds they give you for pain trust me set an alarm in the evening if needed the first 2 days. Popsicles and lots of water. Mine preferred the pedialyte no sugar so it didn’t burn their throat. A cool washcloth on the face also helped with pain for the nose. The hardest part may be keeping them from running and jumping around during the healing time. Best off luck mama you got this!

Pedilyte Popsicles!!! Hydration is soooo import and trust me momma he is NOT gonna want.to drink also wake him up.in the middle of the night for meds or playing pain management catch up in tbe morning will be absolutely awful for both of u! Break the rules haha he wants ice cream for breakfast…hell ya…he wants a smoothie at midnight …yes sir…but also make sure that nothing isn’t an option he will try the nothing option cauze it will HURT