What do sharp pains in left side mean?

hi I’m a expecting ftm I’m 31w 5d and having these really sharp pains in my left side. you know how a stomach ache feels when your gassy? that’s the same pain I have in my side. what can this be? it comes and goes every couple of minutes. tia


Could be exactly that. Gas pains. If you’re really worried see a doctor. No one on here will really be able to give you sound medical advice. Do what you think is best

I know I had gas pains like that with both my pregnancy’s

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If you are concerned, go and see your Dr.


I’m 26 weeks tomorrow- and have the same excruciating pain, which is exactly that gas pains. (As soon as I go to the bathroom, I’m good) but go get checked out just to ease your mind :slight_smile:

Baby is probably lying in a funny position and resting on ur nerves it used to happen to me try lying down and running ur tummy see if baby moves postiton give it a bit if u still get the pain the go to ur Dr

Get on your hands and knees, get down on your elbows and stick your butt in the air put a pillow in the area between your stomach and boobs and rock back and forth. This is how I was told to help relieve gas pains after a colonoscopy.

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Sorry its miserable, call a nurse or see a doctor. Drink fluids I like Jessi Larkins advice that works. It could be even ligaments stretching too. Describe pain to the Dr or nurse.

I hope it’s not your kidneys or something crazy like that. You may need to see a doctor

My post. the pain is now in both sides, lower stomach and lower back area. And I been having diarrhea all day and I tried a warm shower but it continued then & still is.

You should definitely be seen just to make sure it’s not anything more than gas since it’s spread and still continuing

If you’re uncomfortable enough to ask on Facebook then you should go get checked out. Could be nothing but gas but then again it could be something else that may be serious.