What do they do at the 6 week postpartum check up?

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What should I expect from my 6 week post partum check up?


Permission to finally have sex. :joy:


What I remember is going in they felt my stomach checked out my lady parts bc I ripped a little and had to be sewn so they wanted to make sure everything was healing okay. Then they just talked to me about how I felt and how things were going. It was a quick and easy appt.

I had a c section an they checked the incision an clear for sex. If u were vaginal they make sure you’re healed

Just a quick exam. Ask a few questions depending on what was done during delivery

My 4th pregnancy never had follow up

They check to see if you’ve healed, signs of infection, not that much different from the OB appointments at the end of pregnancy. They’ll tell you if you’re cleared for sex and discuss birth control if you plan on going on some

They did nothing really. Asked how I felt said I could have sex again and that was that.

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They just checked to make sure everything was healed, did a PAP and said your good to go nothing is off limits anymore lol

Quick pelvic exam to see how healing is going and talk about birth control

pap to make sure all is good and we discussed birth control

But did they say with analson LOL