What do they do for a baby with jaundice?

Anyone’s new baby have jaundice?


Both mine did. Most new baby’s have it to some extent

My daughter did. They just told me to find a sunny window or to take her outside for a few minutes. It went away fairly quickly.

All 3 of mine did. It was a little worse with each child. My last had to have the machine and daily blood tests. It lasted for a week of this. All 3 are fine now.

My youngest did, they told me to put her in the sun as much as possible when were discharged and it went away

Yes but we didn’t need the billi light or anything

Yup my daughter did. Just take the baby out side a couple times a day in the sun. But not enough to make the baby to warm or get a sun burn

Yes, & will occur if you are breast feeding-- babies livers are not fully mature at birth. Keep feeding to flush from body. If does not clear, may need bili light to break down. If level too high can deposit in brain & possibly cause neurologic problems.

My youngest did when she was born, they put her under lights for a day and then sent us home at the standard 24 hr discharge time.

Take baby for a walk in the sun…my daughter is the only one i had issues with jaundice…took a walk in the sun n within 2 days of it i could tell a difference in her skin tone…deff helped…we took a walk n i laid a blanket out in the shade and let her sit in her car seat( it sat up properly and was on ground level) and let my other 2 kids and the other 2 kids i baby sat run around the yard…

Yes. I had my baby 4 days ago. Her level has slowly risen. They have her under lights now. Super common

Yeah I mean a little. I didn’t have to do anything special with my son.

Yep both of my girls did. I just took them outside and got a little indirect sunlight and fed them their formula. My eldest it took about a week to get rid of and she had the worse case of it. My youngest took about 2-3 days.

Lots of sunshine, breast feeding helps lots of the levels are to high then they have to be put under the Billy lights at the hospital till it gets better

My son was born at 35 weeks so he was in the NICU for 2 weeks and during day 2 he got jaundice. It was a little scary because he had to be under the light but it went away after 24 hours.