What do you do for a part time job?

I am just curious what do other Moms do for a part-time job around the home. ? I’m a stay-at-home mom with SO doing shift work, so working out of the home is not in the cards right now. ( my kids are not old enough to look after themselves or each other) so something I can do from home when they are in school or when they are ‘busy’ doing something else, and I have a few mins. I do own a sewing machine. And the circuit. It seems like that’s what every other mom is doing these


Im a personal care attendant for people in wheelchairs and im a doula

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I picked up a part time shift after my s.o. got off work. But I still had time to do bath time and dinner for the family.

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I have a paper route. I make pretty decent money and my son goes to work with me. Its only about 4 hours a day but its a lot of wear and tear on your car and its every day, including Christmas :sweat_smile:

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I have been selling Thirty-One for 7 years

I work 30 hours in a nursing home as a care leader. My little one goes to nursery 1 day a week

I’m a bus driver for my local school district! $22 hr 5 hrs a day roughly & as soon as my daughter turns 3 she can ride with me!

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I sell scentsy definitely not getting rich but extra 200 or so a month. I used to baby sit that is a good option as well.

Once I can get my one yo to not get into it I’ll be crafting

i am a crossing guard at my kids school!

I started making weight loss tea videos and selling Shapewear then booking consultations , fillers and surgeries for surgeons my “ SAHM side thing” became 6 figures this year

I babysit a few different kids throughout the week for an extra $800-$1000 per month.

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Am a care assistant for the elderly in a care home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: xx

I work part time but i use a babysitter. my hubby is shift work 4x4 some months I need lots others not depending on hubby schedule. I’m a lifeguard and my district pays me 30$ an hr and I work from 22 to 30 hrs a week

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Clothes for 18 inch dolls. Find something not commonly sold like characters, an era, culture etc. I was looking for clothes similar to jojo siwa for Christmas. I kinda did on etsy. But I would’ve liked something better & more selection. Other things that come to mind are boy clothes & clothes to represent different countries & cultures. Create a Facebook page & use etsy. You can corporate you’re seeing skills & circuit.

I have tended bar opposite shifts as my husband, good tips, and if a nicer place (steakhouse, fine dining) minimal drama, and usually 10 PM close. I also started as a distributor for young living. I don’t really make $ on it because I am not social, but I make my own products (chapstick, body scrubs, bath salts) and do vendor shows. I also got chickens (I know that not all places allow them), but we get enough eggs to sell and pay for an occasional dinner (ordered for take-)out for the family. I now work full time, but that’s some of what I did. I also offset the fact that I had no income by growing a garden and learning how to make laundry detergent, baking bread from scratch.

Probably not the time with COVID but I have known people who work for the airlines doing reservations. I have had paralegals that work from home and there are several reception and appointment settings that work from home. Many insurance adjusters work from home too.

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I watch a little boy a few days a week.

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I work with a direct sales company that sells $5 lead and nickel free jewelry and hair accessories. Message me if you would like more information!

Omg for real! And retail
Life is no longer for me. What to do?

Not what I do, but some idea’s?

Ironing at home for friends or people in your area? You can post on a local community page?


Sewing masks?

Sewing tutu’s for little girls so they can play dress up?

If you like to sew, then I would come up with something like that?

My partner does shift work, and I work overnights :woman_shrugging:

Masks, kids accessories? Something cute and easy to sew.

I work for a heating company after hours, night and weekend. Less busy

My husband and I work different shifts and meet between jobs to exchange kids

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I used to work for a school in office from 10:00am to 1:30, summers off

Take a medical coding class and get certified. Can do on line. Daughter works from home, sets her schedule around kids. Doubled her income and loves it.

Whatever you do, avoid multi-level marketing schemes.

Hmmm…if you are “mom” whike you husband is at work, can he be “dad” while you are at work. Since you are not looking for a huge committmrnt, most retail, restaurants, hotels, and tourist businesses will work around you availability.
And/or bookkeeping, or administration in the evenings after the kids are in bed.
Maybe try to figure out a way to work in the same industry that you used to (before kids), only from home.
It’s not as difficult as it sounds…May be start by networking through you chamber of commerce.

I’m a bartender/ waitress I work days my partner doesn’t xx

Fed ex hires for home jobs.chase bank as well alot of places are looking for home help insurance places

Make decorative masks and sell them on market place.

Some.places are hiring from home

Www.ratracerebellion.com has a ton of real companies to work from home. Subscribe and get leads everyday. None of those pay to start up scams

Delete if not allowed but this is a survey company that actually pays. I’ve gotten $96 in two months just doing them while I watch TV.
Easy cash out to paypal.

You could see what opportunities are available at your children’s school. Iam a lunch lady and I love having the same schedule as my kids


Upwork keep me busy and mostly on my schedule.

Babysit, dog walker, clean homes, janitorial day jobs for school, make masks to sell…are you artistic? Host a paint night? Sell avon,scents?? Im sure you will figure something out😀

Offer an aftercare service to other parents. Baking or cooking . Do nails or beauty .You would have to do a course for those . Sell clothes new or previously loved
Be mindful partime jobs may take up a lot of your time. All the best.

Posh mark
Sale stuff you don’t wear any longer
Kids stuff as well
Check out the app
It’s super easy to do and you can make money