What do you do if your husband is lying?

If your husband has been lying to you and you know he’s lying what should you do


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do you do if your husband is lying?

Confront him for your own sanity! Don’t let it eat you apart!


Confront him calmly.


Definitely don’t try to convince yourself that they aren’t. :confused: Don’t give him the benefit of the doubt. Straight up call him out and say you know.


Confront but get aggressive

Present him with proof & ask him why he’s lying :woman_shrugging:


Confront him with solid proof.

You do what’s best for you ,sometimes it’s good to plan ahead before you confront, make sure your safe and have walking away money ect .


Depends on what he is “lying”. About. There is not enough to go on here.


:roll_eyes: confront him but make sure u got the proof in hand when you do it or confronting him won’t make a difference


Start some shit, girl!!

Smack the daylights out of him :rofl::rofl: I’m kidding…(maybe) But in all honesty… he is your husband… confront him about it… you have that right. You both took a vow to one another… the least he can do is give you an explanation as to why he’s been lying and doing whatever he’s been doing. Hope everything works out for you! Hang in there!


Not ask for opinions from online…


Confront. If he lies you know you’re done.

Confront him. Chances are men lie to protect themselves from our reaction. Communicate. Let him know once it’s not okay; anything after that is just disrespect

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Acknowledge your being lied to and decide if you even want to continue having a relationship with somebody who is blatantly disrespecting and lying to your face. And then go from there

Get solid proof and then confront him. Confronting him before you have anything on him that’s visible proof will be a waste of your time cause once a liar always a liar.

Depends what he’s lying about.

Confront him and decide if u wanna be married to a liar?

100% pull him up on it…
If I catch any one lying to me they will be cut off. It’s one thing in my life I refuse to tolerate.


Let him know that you know. However, don’t make threats like I’m going to leave you if you don’t tell me the truth, UNLESS you are prepared to do exactly what you threatened to do.

Lying is lying so id personally confront him.Isnt that what everyone would do? :see_no_evil:

:joy: just act serious…they tell on there dam self just by the way they act…
Same with anyone you come across.

I ant ever been wrong so far I follow them sketchy vibes like a map :joy:


I can’t stand a frigginn liar!!!it would be a rap for me

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Present him with the truth!

Depends on what he is lying about. Though, id definitely communicate I know.

Beats me because I’ve confronted me significant other for lying multiple times with proof and they just continue to lie and yell to my face :joy: :clown_face:

Liars are just gonna lie…


Call him out on his :ox: :poop:


Well , have proves so you can confron him ( it’s very important to save every single prove , because he will act like you are crazy )


Confront him about him lying. Communication is key.


Present a hypothetical question to him and ask how he would handle it, if someone lied to him. Then present your proof and give him the exact punishment he described.


Tell your significant others and confront him about it.

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I wouldn’t know what to do

It really depends on what he is lying about.

Ask him maybe or how would I know he lying lol

Call him out on his shit. :woman_shrugging: healthy partnerships married or friends shouldn’t have an issue calling you out when you’re wrong or lying.

I don’t think my husband lies to me. I might be nieve or just lucky. Either way we are happy and if he did lie ( depends what it was) I’d either pretend I don’t know and see where it goes or confront him.


What’s it about? Confront him about whatever it is

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Tell him keep it up and I will start lying to you! Worked for us.

Depends on what the lie is. Like he left the tube off the tooth paste and blamed it on the kids or he’s cheating or lying about where he is. There’s a big difference, but I would confront him WITH PROOF and go from there.

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Depends on the lie tbh. If it’s about money or cheating then his a$$ is gone…but if it’s about taking the trash out when he didn’t then that’s another story. I’d get petty if he wanna play lying games

Know he is a layer and stop believing him one every thing.

What’s it about? I’d sit him down and ask the same question and tell him straight up you are asking but you know the answer. Just want to give him the chance.

Put his ass on blast

Call him out on his lies with the proof available on the spot. My friend once busted her man and when he came home he had a poster board full of text messages, call logs, and photos.


Tell ‘em!! Sit him down and say “I know you have been lying to me about ———“ let him know what you know and not to be a damn liar.

Confront him but be prepared

Confront him and if he keeps lying cut the toe out of one side of every paid or his socks


Ask why he felt the need. Communication

Have your proof handy. Confront. He may lie to your face. Hand him your proof. End conversation.

Something that eventually gets turned into a Lifetime movie or documentary, probably.


Tell him the truth you think!

Kick that ass. I hate a liar.

Idk I confront everything lmao. Just ask! If it’s something super bad though you may need to take more steps.

Confront him or leave him

Can you be more vague?


I guess it ultimately depends on what he is lying about and also your personal relationship with him… “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” kinda thing?..

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Confront him w the proof

Ask him about it, doesn’t mean he will tell the truth but let him know you know he’s lying

Find yourself a new husband. It seems like you don’t want to confront him w the truth :woman_shrugging:t2:

I divorced mine. Habitual liar about everything!


Errr chuck him and his stuff out not difficult

Ask him why he’s lying communicate with him figure out what the issue is why he feels the need to lie

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Dump his lying ass !

Tell him and bring the proof

Marriage cannot survive lies, not a real one, life is too short to live doubting your partner


If you have proof confront him.

Either let it play out or turn into a detective… or ask

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I literally laugh in his face and say “it’s funny how you think I’m that stupid”. And then I say the truth and he gives in and comes clean. And then I laugh some more and make him feel dumb since obviously he thinks I’m that dumb. We’ve never cheated or anything serious enough to actually have a full blown fight.I just hate liars and hate being lied to :joy:.


Kick him to the curb

vague question. whats he lying about ? thast most important

Confront him like an adult. Don’t play games, don’t beat around the bush, don’t ask hypothetical questions. “I am concerned that you are lying to be about X. Can we discuss why you are lying to me about X?” maybe you can get to the bottom of it. I’d give you more of a suggestion but the post is pretty vague.

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Tell him to come clean and tell you the truth

Either let it go and move on or confront him.

Call him out on it and ask point blank why he feels the need to lie.


Tell him you know he’s lying to you. Tell him you don’t like it and want the truth. Tell him if he can’t be honest with you, it doesn’t say much for your relationship.


Have a serious talk. Me and my husband says let’s have a meeting and we talk about our problems

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Context important. Cheating or eating last of chips? Set up time to talk about what you think he’s lying about and why he felt need to. If you haven’t seen clear evidence of full situation, he may not actually be lying. Either way, communicate. If he wants to avoid it, then you can drop it, try again another day, or, worst case, plan your exit. Don’t leave without a plan unless there’s abuse - then RUN!!!

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Call his ass out…is this real life…

Communication is a good start.

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Lie too let’s make a big messy pie :crazy_face:


Suppose it depends on what’s he lying about. A fart or an affair? Very different lol


Talk to him. Let him know you know he’s lying and ask why he feels the need to lie about whatever it is.

What do YOU want to do? Is the real :interrobang: question

Be able to prove those lies. Present evidence. If your husband is a narcissist, you can prove it all you want, and he’ll still deny it. He’ll flip it on you, because they are never to blame for anything, so prepare yourself. But, if this is the issue, he will always lie to you, and possibly do much worse.

Confront him. Or consider the relationship over. No trust =no relationship.

Confront him & make sure you have proof!

Communicate and proof.

Call him on it. Do you have proof ??

Confront him and if it’s not a lie about something nice like a surprise birthday party or big vacation or new fabulous diamond ring for you, then just leave and divorce him and don’t waste your time, and especially if he continues to lie.

Just talk to him. Let him know your here to listen and not judge him.