What do you do when your kids have days off?

What do moms do that work out of the home jobs and can’t afford daycare when kids get out of school early or have school breaks?

When my kids were little, I ended up having to quit my job, ironically enough, in child care. Despite getting a discount, daycare was still too expensive. When my youngest started kindergarten I immediately started looking for work. I was extremely fortunate to find a job as a cafeteria worker in my school district.

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My husband works third shift so I would try to go into work a little later so he could sleep a little but if he couldn’t and I didn’t want to call out, he’d stay up and watch him while I went to work. Thankfully now I work from home so if kiddo doesn’t have school I’m always home.

I was SO blessed to have my parents in the area, willing to take my sick kids. I gave them homeopathics as kids so they developed strong immune systems, and missing school meant twice as much work to catch up, so they rarely wanted to miss school. Otherwise, I gave up my vacation time to watch the kids, or my then husband and I would each take off a half day.

That’s when I use all of my sick and vacation time. It sucks but it’s cheaper!

I have 3 kids so it’s crazy expensive. I decided to work for the school along with the school schedule for both my jobs. So whenever my kids are off school I’m off work.