What do you do with your flat sheet?

What are y’all doing with your flat sheets if you don’t use them? We have too many and just use fitted sheets and blankets. I feel bad getting rid of them.


I used to only use the fitted sheet, but now I just put both on my bed but don’t use the flat sheet.

I used to make curtains out of mine, I now give them away

I save them for when my kids have a fever and they want to use a blanket but cant use a heavy one


Animal shelters are always looking for extra blankets,sheets and such maybe reach out to some. Or you can make things if you sew, pj pants?


I keep them as backup but if I have too many or they get ugly from washing I’ll donate them to shelters or the donation bins.

I use mine, but animal shelters would love to take them off your hands.

My hubby and kids use them as drop cloths when they’re painting and crafting :relaxed: great for fort making and we keep a couple in the car year round for chilly nights and beach days.

Sew the tops over, enough to fit a curtain rod thru use as a curtain or a shower curtain with a liner.

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We use ours to make forts and also use them outside in the summer, like at the beach or a picnic or sitting for fireworks.

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I use them as a table cloth when my kids do messy things like paint or carve pumpkins

Call your local animal shelter. They can always use sheets and towels

I use them as blankets in the warmer months. Use them to help keep dog hair off of my couch, and I also use them like bed skirts sometimes depending on the orientation of the bed. Doesn’t work as well if the headboard is the only part of the bed against the wall. But if the bed is in a corner :woman_shrugging:t3: why not. Lol.

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Most of mine have been turned into fitted sheets and pillow cases. I’m pretty good with a needle and thread lol

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Donate them to an animal shelter or animal hospital for bedding for the animals.

I came here to say what everyone else already said. People and animal shelters can always use stuff like this

You can use them as curtains. If you sew you can make just about anything from them. Lay them on the floor while kids eat or do crafts. We have some tucked under the top bunk to create a “batcave” underneath.

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donate to an animal shelter

I put it on my bed :woman_shrugging:t3:

Give them to the kids to make forts with :v::laughing:

Send them to the homeless people

make mathing curtins with them

i tried to sleep without a flat sheet, i sleep naked. all i could think of was that i’m gonna get my blankets dirty so i remade my bed at 2am. i can’t do it.

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I keep them for the guest bed. And also in that weird early period of summer before the AC’s are put in.

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If you don’t use them and are looking to get rid of them, ask your local church if they are in need.
Here, our church is helping Ukraine families get settled and are in need of bedding.
Also, local animal shelters always need blankets and towels for the animals as they go through them quickly

Donate them! Ask the local homeless shelter or pet shelter if they need clean sheets.

Donate them to sober living houses, treatment centers, any kind of shelter, any community programs that have a “free store” for folks in your community. I throw almost nothing away!!! I FIND a place for the things that others would throw out and for others that don’t want to spend the energy and time to donate.

I give them to goodwill.

Disclaimer- I also hate keeping items that we don’t use.

Would a local women shelter take them?

Donate to local shelter or animal shelter

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I use them as light blankets in the summer, I sit on them at the beach and use them to make forts with my kids.

The animal shelter will take them. They are in need of anything you are not using. I donate top sheets, towels etc.

Let the kids use them for forts?