What do you do with your kids shoes after they have an accident?

What do you do with kids shoes when they pee their pants? My 3.5 year old just won’t potty train and I can’t buy new shoes all the time


Get a bucket and clean them then air dry them outside


Throw them in the washer then just set them out to dry…. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I put them in the sink with hot water, cleaning Vinegar and baking soda. Let them sit for a bit. Rinse them very well, and then put them on the heater vent. I was doing it almost daily when my child first started school. Works like a charm :wink:


Throw them in the washer. I wash mine, just the tennis shoes

Put them in the washing machine and it will wash them or hose them which ever you have available at the time


Clean them outside with soap and water and let them dry in the sun.

Wash them. They make special nettings different types to wash them in washing machines

My daughter had an accident right when class was letting out one day so I let her walk to the car in her socks, washed her shoes and clothes in the washer and let the shoes air dry. Luckily my father in law has bought her like 4 pairs of shoes and I got her a pair when the school year started so she has a lot for back up

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Put them in the washing machine…


Washing machine and sun dry

crocs and socks!! a potty training parents best friend!

Some of these question can be answered by good common sense.


Is washing them not an option for you?
Delicate cycle, air dry - if you don’t have a fan to put them in front of, I’ve totally clipped them to a hanger and hooked the hanger onto the ceiling fan

Have them wear pull up nappy pants untill they are more potty trained could be one option.
Second option is to constantly wash the shoes.

Mine wore Crocs during that time period. I could hose them and dry them quickly


PUt them in a pillow case and wash them in the washing machine.

Make parents supply an extra set


Let him wear his wet clothes for a while, he won’t like it and maybe he’ll potty train. Make him sit on pot till he’s done.

Get shoes like crocs or natives or any knockoff brands of similar rubbery type of material that can easily be sprayed off with a hose or rinsed off in the tub.

If they are tennis throw them in the washer

I used to buy the stride rites that were washable


Buy washable shoes and put them in the washing machine.

Put in the washer machine

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Shoes in a pillow case and wash. Tie it.

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Is there more to this question that was left out? You just wash the shoes…??


What do you do with your child?


… you wash them? Literally throw them in the washer and dryer :joy:


Washer then I always put shoes in front of a fan to dry.
I don’t like them thumping around in my dryer


Maybe I don’t know something like TO WASH THEM :face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye: but if you are not familiar with that you can always get him crocs or plastic material sneakers that are easy to clean

Just put them in the washing machine and the dryer

Put them back in their pull ups and wash the shoes, air dry them. It’s clear your kid isn’t fully ready. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Wash them? By hand or machine? Air dry them.
I’m undecided if this is satire or not because… what?


How bout throw them in washer an sit to dry

I’m assuming you’d wash them so they didn’t smell like pee

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Wash them? Like if I peed myself I would just through all my clothes away…

Literally throw them in the washing machine

You just wash them with vinegar to help get rid of the scent. I wouldn’t be buying lots of shoes…

They make gym shoes that can be washed cat and jack brand held up good

Crocks. Saves you in going through the good shoes. Just put some color safe beach in the shoes and throw a sheet in the washer with them and let them air dry

Washer them and air dry them

Keep the shoes and throw away the kid…:roll_eyes:


I put them in the washing machine

Clean with laundry soap and I always put any shoes in front of a plug in fan to dry its the best method gets em dry quick so they don’t start smelling lol

Throw them in the washer with a little borax to get the smell out.

Let him go around the house in just a long t-shirt & set a timer for every 20-30 minutes and take him & if he goes reward him with a few m&m’s or a sucker.

I put them in the washing machine and air dry by the fireplace.

most kids shoes you can wash.

Washing machine for runners. Soap and water for sandals.

Throw them in the washer with something soft and air dry

I seriously wonder how some people that ask questions on here are mothers. Do you not know how to use your brain? 

Buy the rubber shoes like crocs. They’re easy to clean