What do you feed your 8 month olds?

Just wanted to ask everyone what they feed their 8 months olds - I give my daughter breakfast then lunch and that’s it for the day, I wanted to see wether she should be on more foods - she recently started crawling so I know she’ll be using more energy than before


I feed my 8 month old 3 times a day, and she gets a bottle when it’s nap time and bed time and once in the middle of the night. She eats a lot!


My 9 month old gets breakfast lunch and dinner n still wants a 7 ounce bottle every 3 hours lol


My daughters pedi said by 9 months 3 times a day so maybe start giving her something small for dinner and see if shes still hungry

I feed my 8 month old

Breakfast - Greek yogurt

Snack -puffs or mum mum

Lunch- dish of vegetables and a dish of fruit

Snack - cheese or some other food he can chew

Supper- dish of veggies and chicken and a dish of fruit

Snack before bed- baby cereal

Plus lots of breastmilk. And he’s tiny for his age lol

My son started eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 6 months old. Give her dinner too, if she isn’t hungry for it she won’t eat. But I’m sure she will eat it

My daughter ate breakfast and bottle, snack , lunch, bottle, snack, bottle, dinner, bottle

Almost 9 months. Bottle when he wakes, hour later breakfast, 2hours later bottle, hour later lunch, 2 hours bottle, another hour dinner, bottle before bed.

He is a hungry machine.

My 9 month old get breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a 4 oz bottle after every feed. Also snacks in between.

My pediatrician says feed 2 times a day until 9 months

My son is 11 months old and he just started really eating before that he would play not really eat. Every baby is different. But for what to feed your baby you can feed your baby anything except for honey or dairy

My 2yr old eats from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed :roll_eyes:


3 meals a day snacks and bottles

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Why wouldn’t u feed your child dinner :thinking:


My daughter at 8 mths was on breakfast & bottle
Lunch, pudding and juice
Mid snack - milk & fruit etc
Dinner & pudding
Night time bottle


Just curious as to why you would limit your baby to 2 meals a day?.. do you have a reason for not feeding your child a dinner? Or dinner-time meal?


I give my girl(she’s almost 8 months) cereal in her bottle 3x daily. She eats food for lunch and dinner, and takes bottles every 3 hours. But we did not start solid until after 6 months.


I’m confused why ur not feeding ur child? U eat dinner do u not? I’m concerned that ur child is going hungry


Literally every dr I know has said “food before 1 is just for fun”. It’s to get them used to textures and tastes, good way to check for allergies, things like that. Until 1, baby’s primary source of nutrients should always be formula or breast milk


They don’t even need “food” until a year old so anything you give her is just extra.


breakfast cereal and fruit, lunch fruits ,veggie dinner whatever, dinner about same as lunch bottle in between meals

Oh my…at 8 months I fed all 6 of mine 3x a day…along with 4-8 oz of formula…plus in between small snacks. My last one was a little harder bc he didn’t get teeth until he was about 10 mths.


My 8mo old has been eating 8oz baby food 3x a day with 8oz sippy cups 4 to 5 xs a day since he was 6mo

My kids always had 3 meals a day and a couple bottles in between.

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At 8 months old, I could not imagine my son just drinking formula. He was eating little baby dinners and baby food. I can’t see how anyone just feeds their baby formula or breast milk until their one.


My Dr said 2. Times a day

Our 9mo old twins eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Purées with cereal and/or soft table foods in little pieces like scrambled eggs, salmon, or chicken. Formula bottles in between


I was feeding my 9 mos old 2 meals and a snack by 7 mos

Your dr. is wrong. If the baby is hungry feed him. What are you suppose to let him cry. When it comes to babies you know the cry of hunger it is surely different.


Wow talk about neglect by not giving your child dinner


She needs more food then that omg this babys honns get sick

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For the day ? Just two meals ?

The stupid dr is not always right bany will let you know whe there hungry

At 8 months 3meals and sone snacks like finger foods

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Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a bedtime snack. That’s what mine always got.

She needs to eat more…I already fed my daughter twice…and bout to give her some more food…


My son is a hefty eater. He would nurse every 3-4 hrs during the day and 2-3 times at night. Plus he’d also eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 1-2 snacks a day. Since like 6 months.

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I fed when baby was hungry. He generally didn’t want much outside of bottles for the longest time, but eventually we added all three meals by 8 months plus usual bottles. Sometimes we did snacks like yogurt puffs.

I would follow Baby Led Weaning for Beginners & Beyond (BLWBB)!! I’ve been doing BLW since he was 6 months, & it was the best decision I have ever made.

My LO eats everything I eat, minus foods that can cause an allergy, honey, & nuts. Also, no salt added to his foods.

For breakfast today he had hard boiled eggs, black berries, & tomatoes.

For lunch he had cucumbers & red bell peppers

For dinner he’s going to have beans, mixed veggies, & some rice.

For dessert some coconut milk ice cream

Obviously he had water with his meals.

He’s have 3 meals a day since he turned 10 months old.

Once he’s 12 months old he’ll have 3 meals a day, & two snacks.


And my daughter is 11 months and maybe 2 bottles a day, mostly at naptime and bedtime

You want the child to sleep well, feed them a good supper before bed

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Look up baby led weaning.

Breakfast lunch diner and maybe a snack

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I did baby led weaning with our rainbow baby boy and now doing it with our daughter

3-5 five times a day I feed my little one!

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Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime snack??

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Breakfast, snack dinner, snack then supper and snack before bedtime

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Breastfed babies don’t need as much solid food- this could work for a booby baby… My babes were on formula at 8 months and ate as follows- wake up oatmeal mixed w pureed fruit and a 4 ounce bottle - 10 ounces total food- 6 oz. Solid 4 ounce liquid…offer sippy cup of watered down apple juice throughout playtime and a few teething biscuits and some cut up soft fruits for a snack about 2-3 hours after breakfast…then 4 oz of veggies and 6 oz formula before naptime… Another 6 ounce bottle shortly after she woke up and sit w her at dinner…food+sippy w juice water or formula… Now this is where I introduced what were eating…blended w bland potato or pasta or rice or even baby cereal… Then a water bottle for bedtime after bath (this is also the messiest meal of the day…don’t ask why…lol) as your baby gets older they should eat less often but more at a time… Same with the other end…more volume, less frequency…lol

My 6mo son eats up to 24oz of formula a day plus 3 meals of 4oz food each and teething snacks in between.

Why are people angry reacting at this? At 8 months formula or breast milk should still be their main source of nutrition. So feeding her 2 meals a day isn’t bad. You don’t want to give them too much solids too fast either because they can become constipated and gassy.


My baby was breast feeding mostly. A few tastes of food otherwise.

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Is this along with formula or breast milk?
What we do at our daycare is offer the baby food then milk an hour and a half to two hours later and we just alternate.

When my son was around that age ( he is now three ) formula was the main source of nutrition but he had breakfast, lunch and a snack or two as a solid ( not a lot though )

At that age my daughter was eating what and when we ate…plus snacks.

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Every baby is different. I believe it is usually recommended to breastfeed (or give a bottle, if applicable) before food to ensure they don’t fill up on food and not drink enough milk. Otherwise, take their lead. Offer food, but let them decide if they want it. As long as they’re hitting growth milestones, don’t force it.

I also agree to watch sugar and salt. Also be prepared for them to be gassier as their diet increases and changes. And make sure to brush their teeth/gums.

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Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner


Would you be happy with only breakfast and lunch?


My daughter is 8 months. She has baby food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and bottles in between. We’ve done squash, baked beans, mashed potatoes also.


I offered something at every meal but it’s up to you and how your child handles solids!

She needs dinner I always did breakfast 4-6 mo
lunch - 9+ mo
Dinner- 6 months after year old they should be snacking in between meals there after

I feed her when ever she’s hungry and whenever we eat. Shes almost 7 months and crawls pretty well and already starting to pull herself up and stand. Shes also a bottomless pit.

Wow! That is all you feed your child??!!! A baby needs to eat more than that, really surprised her pediatrician hasn’t said anything to you yet.


My babies who will be 2 and 3 in August ate way more than that at 8mths. I fed them both breakfast lunch and dinner along with snacks in between meals and formula. You should be feeding your child more but thats just my opinion🤷


At that age mine would only eat about 2 meals a day and some snacks.
I just kinda kept feeding her and offering her food any other time though.
Baby’s still on breastmilk or formula so 2 meals a day is fine.
Just offer other stuff to keep her interested!

And some of you don’t realize an 8 month old baby is still on formula or breastmilk I’m sure and that’s more than enough plus 2 meals a day until she’s a year old.
My baby always ate like a bird.
She’s 18 months now and eats 3 meals and snacks and is perfectly healthy.

Also to everyone saying this is ok, my kids’ peds would have ripped me a new one if I only fed them breakfast and lunch. Thats not ok nor is it healthy. A baby between 4-6mths old should eat breakfast lunch and dinner(baby foods) along with snacks in between & of course formula, her child is 8mths.


My 6mo eats boob in the morning and then lunch and then boob then boob then a snack then at 7:30 I give her cereal before bed. I’m starting in the mornings aswell

I’m pretty sure she still gives her baby formula/breast milk… she’s asking what do y’all feed your kids, food wise.


Meal times are a learned social experiance that should form good habits of eating nutritionally, socalizing and communication. NO PHONES. Bring back family meals. Foundational to cohesive families.
If parents are eating baby should also. These habits will form a foundation for their lifetime. Not just eat on the run or while watching TV.
Historically, the American family and the American diet took a nose dive in the wake of TV & TV dinners.

Do you all seriously think this mom is ONLY feeding her baby the two meals a day? This is in ADDITION to the breast/formula nutrition the baby is getting. She’s asking about how much solid food everyone was introducing at 8 months; she isn’t starving her baby. :woman_facepalming:


Ya I only fed my son when he was little 2 times a day he did not eat much and as much formula as he wanted and a snack if he needed . He’s 28 now he turned out fine .

Yogurt for snacks and little puff cereals

People losing their minds without realising she still feeds the baby formula/breast milk.lol


After strictly breast bottle.Always start green veggies, 1x for a week watch for allergies. Then add orange veggies intersperced to counteract the beta carotene(orange color), children look jaundice or orange when parents dont give greens. Lastly add fruits as sugars even naturally occuring ones start the rapidly forming brain to seek fast energy/addiction. Insuline resistance is a real thing…brain fog and a host of other behavioral issues. All sugars cause addiction equil to heroine snd cocaine on a neuropathway they become chronic throughout our life. Since 1950s the FDA knew the USA would face obesity in children with in 1-2 generations. Well welcome to it! White carbs, cereals, breads, rice, pasta is sugar that desolves right in your mouth. Beware your family history, and allergies!


Should be having breakfast , lunch and dinner at 8months plus breastmilk or formula


Basically anything I eat he eats. Except for highly seasoned, spicy, etc. He has had peanut butter, butter and raspberry on toast and tomato sauce. No other dressings/sauces. He has had melons, berries, apples, carrots, potatoes, etc. He is only 8 months and loves food but loves the boob more

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Mine ate maybe once a day at 8 months… Mainly formula since it doesnt really matter till they are a year I didnt start really giving food all day till 10m


My girl just turned 8 months yesterday she eats 3 a day plus snacks and sippys ( filled with formula) throughout the day. But shes been walking since she was 6 months old so she’s kind of a strange one anyways lol

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When I started food I gave my daughter baby food whenever we ate if you are concerned she isn’t getting enough ask you pediatrician

Foods before age 1 are just for fun. Before that a babys primarily nutrition is still breast milk or formula. My oldest would eat anything you put in front of him starting at about 6 months. My youngest 2 flat out refused baby food. I started introducing them to solids when they were able to chew and had at least 2 teeth.

I think what your doing is fine as long as she is healthy and growing as should and isn’t hungry. A lot of moms given there babies mainly bottles until there a year because it easy. So two meals plus milk should be plenty.

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My oldest hated eating breakfast. He only ate lunch and dinner too. My 3 year old doesn’t eat “meals” he literally eats all day. Cereal, apples, pretzels, whatever. But he won’t sit at the table and he won’t eat meat or cheese anymore so he just gets whatever whenever

We did eggs and 4oz bottle. The. We did mac n cheese or mash potatoes for lunch witg 4oz bottle. And we did what ever we ate for dinner with 4 oz bottle.

5 snacks or small meals here

My son is 6 moths old, i feed him 3-4 meals+formula


How often do you eat?

I don’t know why everyone is getting their panties in a bunch. Two meals a day for an 8 month old is normal, breast milk and formula is still their main source of nutrition. The food is merely for getting used to different textures and tastes before a year old.


Dinner?! He needs formula to be 80% of his calorie and to eat 3-5 meals/snack daily.

At 8 months, my kids got breakfast lunch and dinner.

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They should be having breakfast lunch and dinner and other food in between it’s common sense

By 8 months I was giving my daughter solid food for breakfast, lunch and dinner with her formula for supper and in between meals. I started her on solids before 6 months (and yes against recommendation, but then I’m the parent) mash potato, fish and spinach mashed up was her favourite. She’s 15 now, fit healthy and hates spinach and fish :joy:

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My 6 month old eats 4-6 meals (a fruit for a meal doesnt last long) and formula about 4-5 times a day. He started on solid at 3 months. Hes eating most fruits, pureed rice and milk, mashed potatoes and eggs mixed with water), mashed chickpeas with water also, cereal and milk, what ever steamed veges I make and that’s just a few of the things he enjoys

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