What do you get your mom for Christmas?

What do you get your mom for Christmas? My mom is so unbelievably hard to shop for lol. She’s not one with many interests either. She loves old game shows on the TV, blankets, and that’s all I can really think of. I know I sound like a horrible daughter :joy: But she is just so difficult lol Please give me some ideas​:face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:


Maybe a WiFi picture frame that you can send pictures to? Everyone that has one loves theirs!


As a daughter whose mom is no longer here , I know mine would have said “time”. Make a day to spend with just the 2 of you. Go to lunch, a movie, nail salon, anything. I would love to be able to spend a day with my mom one more time.


Take her to lunch or dinner. Spend time with your mom. Make memories with her. Something that will last forever.


Last year I got us matching tattoos. This year I’m hoping to get another experience for both of us. :purple_heart:

if you have kids then you could order a blanket from walmart or walgreens with the kids pictures on them and gift it to her.


Gift card to her favorite restaurant


I’m ordering my mom a blanket with a picture of her dog on it :slightly_smiling_face:

or if she doesn’t mind jewelry you could get her a necklace or bracelet with her grandkids birth stones in it.


I got mine a big bag of creme savers cause they used to be her favorite and she hasn’t been able to find them in 10+yrs :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

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My brother, sisters and I give our Mom gift cards to use as she needs. In the past I have given my Mom her favorite laundry soap or something she needs for around the house. My Mom says “nothing that she has to dust”. Lol

A blanket with you and your kids on it


My mom use to like getting gift cards to get groceries,I use to make a special box with all her favorite cookies and sweet.

If she likes blankets, get her one personalized with the kids photos!

Pair of pajamas, slippers. My mom has given me a couple ideas… Popcorn machine and an electric toothbrush.

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Take her to the grocery store and let her fill her cart.

Take her out for a day. Shopping, lunch, spa day? Movie? Massage? Spend time with her.

Candles, slippers, pillows, music, bath bombs

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If she loves blankets have a photo blanket made at Walgreens, they are super nice and fairly cheap, if she has pets or grandkids incorporate those photos onto it

Perfume, face cream. Last year we took her on a trip to Disney world.

A framed personal letter from you to her telling her how much she means to you.

Make a scrap book with all your family pictures throughout the years.

costumied picture book!! also handmade stuff made by kids

Gift cards to Panera, Marshall’s, hair products, cozy fleece pj’s.

Robe, Pjs, slippers, nice candle, another blanket :sweat_smile:, coffee drinker? Upgrade her coffee maker with accessories!

scratch off lottery tickets

Your not a horrible daughter…:rofl::rofl:

Make her something…one idea if she gets cold…take a pillow case put a cup of rice in it, sew across it about 1/2 an inch, do this until you get almost to the top.sew across the last row. Get some iron on letters and put her name on it. Now heat it up in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes, be careful it could be hot. Now she can lay it across her blanket for extra warmth. I would heat mine up and put it between my sheets before I go to bed and my bed is nice and warm…

Gift certificate to her hair dressers.

Food basket of her favorites, spa day, massage, Starbucks gift card, day of doing fun stuff from your childhood, like baking cookies, having a tea party, playing board games or hide & seek with her & eating favorite kid foods for dinner. Day trip to closest quaint Old Town for (window) shopping and lunch and/or dinner. Get plants or seeds & plant in her outdoor garden, container garden on a balcony or indoor plants depending on where she lives. Pay for someone to paint/fix/improve something that could use a refresh or upgrade at her home. Maybe she’s the type who would enjoy a Chippendales type night out. Take her to a great movie & a meal. Tickets for you all to see a performance: music, dance, theater, opera, cirque, etc. You don’t even have to be interested, just go, check it out. You might develop a new interest. Join a Bingo or book group. Take a class or workshop together: ballroom dance, yoga, flower arranging, water aerobics, walking group, sewing/embroidery/needlework, singing, playing a musical instrument, sky diving if you’re both adventurous, interesting lectures, community college class (free for seniors to audit), etc. Spiritual retreat/weekend. Volunteer for something: animal shelter, stream cleanup, hospital aide, Meals on Wheels, cause or political support.

Bonus points for getting the grandkids involved with whatever you do together. Have them introduce her to their favorite music, TV shows, podcasts. Have them teach her how to play video games, or make their favorite foods.

If you have the money get tickets and take her to a taping of one of her fave TV shows.

If you can get your mom to try something new, get her out of her rut, make new friends/acquaintances she’ll feel more alive, it’ll give her life purpose, she’ll be more social and she’ll be healthier and live longer. Go to an amusement park or playground or museum.

Spend more time talking to her and asking questions about the most fun she ever had, places she’s always wanted to visit, childhood hopes & dreams, happiest memories, places that are important to her, lost loves, favorite trips, best friends from childhood/young adulthood. I’m betting your mom is more complex and deeper person than you give her credit for. Do some digging. Maybe reconnect her with an old friend/neighbor, take a trip to a special place. Who were/are her favorite stars, musicians? What was her biggest regret? What did she do despite being scared? What is she afraid of? What was the hardest thing she ever did? Help her dream & turn those dreams into reality. Really listen to her answers. What was fun & what was awful about her childhood? These in-depth talks will inform your choices of gifts in the future.

My mom and dad both loved feeding the birds. We got them a 50# bag of really good birdseed. They loved it.

Make a gift basket with her favorite things and add a gift card or a gift card from where she gets her hair done…And spend time with her.

My mom is no longer with us but what we did was pay her car insurance, fill her freezer, maid service for a week or two. Things like that freed up her budget for any extras she might need or desire for a while.

My Mom liked getting snacks, also a coffee cup and even a gift card she could get her own gift or what ever she wanted

A gift card to the grocery store or her favorite store .

if she likes blankets, get her a blanket from shutterfly with pictures on it.

I got mine Bluetooth headphones for watching TV as she’s deaf and won’t wearing hearing aids

My husband gives me a gift certificate to get my hair done. Enough for several hair cuts

A blanket with family pictures.
A new house decor piece.
Gift card, get a puzzle box to make it more interesting.

Marco Polo contacts from her kids and grandkids.
My folks have the app and they have 12 grandkids ( grown)
They all sent 1 MP 2x during the month of December as a sort of Advent calendar to count down to Christmas. They loved it!

Time, spend some time with her, just the two of you.

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I got my mom a Bluetooth picture frame so everyone can send her new pictures all the time