What do you guys do for child care during the summer?

I just started a new job and work 8-5:30 and my husband works 6-4:30. I really don’t want to cut hours during the summer and I have a hard time trusting anyone with my children. They’re 5 and 9 so they’re able to tell me if anything happens but I’m just worried. I don’t like the idea of having a teenager watch them and I have no other trusted adults in my life to watch them while we work.

My partner is a teacher so thankfully his schedule is about the same as hers. But honestly work opposite shifts

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do you guys do for child care during the summer?

I’m assuming daycare is too expensive?

My kids attended summer camp at the Y for years. They still talk about how much they miss it.

There are affordable summer camps!

Our after school care program (run at the school) does a summer camp program and invites the incoming kindergarten kids to participate as well. It was half the price of our preschool so we jumped and my daughter LOVED it.

My sons school had summer camp. We sent him to that.

When mine were that age I had them in the boys and girls club.

I was the same one till I found my daycare lady and now she’s like family. We call her mama 2…

We do summer day camps and my kids love it

Choose a county/town run program or something like a YMCA. There are a lot more eyes on the kids and accountability.

I get what you mean! My kids are also 5 and 9, both in school now. I’m a stay at home mom and will be until they’re teens. But, I do watch my friends two daughters during the summer. She pays me $40 a day. $20 per kid.

My question is what do y’all do for child care even not in summer ….
I have to work nights & my husband works mornings. We have no one to help us get the kids to or from school or even if they get sent home from school, it’s just us two. So nights for me it is.

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Daycare. Just check them out to see which one you like best. Meet the workers and take a tour during business hours. Mine loved her daycare and they would write notes of all the things she did.

Our schools offer summer daycare. My granddaughter Braylea goes everyday after school and in the summer.

Get a camera system you can access on your phone. I have one that u can even talk thru. Helps give u piece of mind

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Have you thought about the school program for the summer. Where they are at school like a normal day but it’s they’re doing all kinds of funny activities and learning new things also. Out here where I am it’s called CLC .! I’m not sure about other states or you can get them in a boys & girls club which is basically the same as the CLC program.

The local Recreation Centers had summer programs. We’d cobble together various 2-week programs & pay their before and after care. Whoever went to work later would drop them off, whoever got off first would pick them up. We also had a nearby 8-hole public golf course nearby with summer kids programs & we’d sign them up for the morning and afternoon sessions and send them with lunch. They could even walk home if needed. See if you know some stay at home moms who could watch your child with theirs for a fee.

Sometimes places have “scholarship money” for those who have trouble affording classes.

Check your local YMCA for their summer camp programs!

Summer camp. Some even have before and after care

What town do you live in?

Summer Camp or Day Care

Do you have. Local.summer camp maybe

In bc Canada we have ratings for child care centres that are licensed and you can look up their records and inspections to help you choose. Quality child care can be great for children to learn new skills, and develop emotionally and socially. It’s just picking the right one. If you both have jobs and don’t like daycare and won’t let a teenager watch them then it sounds like you may have to alter your work schedules.
Child care centres can be great places for kids and their parents. There are some incredible ones out there where the staff really care and work very hard. Daycare isn’t cheap. And if it is you get what you pay for

If your children have close friends, see if any of their moms are SAHM. My mom watched my Boss’s kids one summer, and mine, bc daycare wanted over $1200 a month for each kid & they were 5 & 9.
When I was a SAHM I baby sat during the summer so parents could save money. I never charged if they took a week off. Lol
Ask their schools about summer programs. Some aren’t bad, some are pricey.
Also, I get parents are worried, but 9 times put of 10, your child is fine. It’s not healthy to teach your kids that everyone is a danger. You don’t have to say a word, they pick up on it.


My 8 yr old stays alone up to 3 to 4 hours. Check your states age groups for being left alone and how long, also depends on how responsible you feel your child is. You may only have to find a sitter for the 5 yr old depending on your state and how responsible you believe your 9 yr old is. Also since your talking bout summer you can do trial runs of ok I’m going to run errands for a few hours let’s see how you do by yourself for an hour or 2. See if it’s even an option before summer even comes


You can look into babysittiers background checks all that. Or daycare do your research on them see what other local moms do. In your area

You could possibly ask your children’s friends parents. A lot of time people are willing to help out that way. Especially if you offer to cover the cost of food and if they do activities.

Maybe someone from your church? A young Mom or grandmother might like to supplement their income. Our small town has a place called Southwest Oregon Youth Authority , which is a club for girls and boys. They have an art teacher, pool tables, tennis and more. There is adult supervision but it isn’t a quiet home with one on one. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grin:

School camps if you have them available

Ask about a Teacher that is looking for extra money. Or they make might know someone.

The Boys & Girls Club has very reasonable rates. I am in Tennessee and I paid $20 per child per week!

Check out the school summer program.

Summer camp. Spend a fortune :roll_eyes:

Mine goes to my mom on mon and Tues, daycare on wed and Thurs and his dads off on fridays.

Church summer programs

The school sometimes offer summer camp which is sometimes cheaper than like a YMCA or something like that.

If you are that worried quit your job !,

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Daycares have summer camps for kids. This is where ypu have decided is the cost of summer camp in the summer worth it compared to your pay

We have a boys and girls club here that takes them all summer

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Ask school about programs around you. Sometimes there’s programs through school, churches or other places that do camps during the summer. You can often get these for free or low cost if you qualify.

Ymca and they often help families with financial needs to pay for it or help make it cheaper if needed.


How about summer camp? A family member or friend?

I sent my 8 and 9 year olds to the City Park Program…where they swim and play all day with other kids…feed them and I pick them up at 3:30

My husband and I work opposite shifts, if you can manage to switch with someone to work the afternoons.

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If you can’t find day camps i would hire a teen and then set up cameras that you get a live feed of your home and kids so you can check in on them.Be open with the caregiver that you have safety cameras in each room so you will be able to see them and tell them you love them on breaks.These cameras are not pricey at all and you won’t feel so nervous not knowing what’s going on.

My daughters pre school teacher during the money

YMCA summer programs or something similar, they can do fun activities and hopefully also check in with each other or be close by each other during the day.

Summer school, camps, or hire a high school neighbor to baby sit

I have the same feelings when it comes to my kids. I just recently this summer put them into the boys and girls club. It’s been so great for them. They have the summer program and after school programs. My location even has days they are open during school holidays. It’s definitely a blessing. If there is one in your location i would definitely check into it.

We moved out of state to a place where we didn’t know anyone. Eventually it came time where I needed to find someone who could watch my three children and the only thing I could think of to do was put a note in both my school aged children’s folders asking their teachers if they knew of or could recommend someone locally to babysit. I got a list of three good contacts that way. We have the most amazing babysitter who was the first one they recommended and I couldn’t be more happy with the decision to use her. Point being, reach out to your child’s teacher or a school administrator. They can at least start your search in the right direction.


I work nights and my husband works days. I usually take on other kids too to make some extra money.

My mom would takes us to boys and girls club

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Were are you Located

Who watches them now? Usually daycares are open in the summer and have the capability to accept more kids

Look up Care.com. You can find pre-screened sitters in your area

Last summer, I paid teenage niece to come down here, stay with me all summer and watch my boys for me.
They have access to a pool and of course free room and board. A live in nanny :slight_smile:


Mine goes to the boys and girls club durning summer and the school year it’s cheap

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Enroll them into a daycare that has parent-access cameras for the classroom.
If you’re ever worried, you can check on them at any time, take a tour of the place, ask questions, etc. if you’re that worried about trusting someone with your kids

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Check with your school

My boys are 7 and 9 and they have always attended the YMCA summer programs and have a blast.


Summer camp or a sitter

Day care summer camp

Start now looking at local daycares. You can go in and speak to director and look at the facilities and classroom. Ask about curriculum and what they do as far as trips and extracurriculars for the older ones.

Send them to summer camp. Camp was from 7-6pm, I saved up to make sure it as good and fun packed. The kids had a blast… they didn’t want to leave.

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A friend you can swap childcare with

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Check into a boys and girls club. They were my saviors this last summer. Wonderful place for kids. They provide food and activities at a very reasonable price.

You can get a nanny from overseas look into it but for now that same service can provide you a nanny now

Summer camp… ymca. They get to go swimming daily, so my daughter likes it.

what is wrong with a good teenager watching them??

YMCA and parks district summer camps are pretty affordable and often offer assistance to low income.

If you get a teenager especially one thats under 18 your reliable for what ever happens… best to put them in a daycare

Science, computer and sports camps at the local university.

Day camp is your best bet. It’s cheaper than sitter and they learn more things in my opinion.