What do you make for dinner on New Years?

What do you normally make for dinner on new years? Im at a loss but my husband told me his family is coming over for dinner last minute… we didn’t celebrate as a kid… help


Black eyed peas & collard greens for good luck, wealth & good health in new year. Adding some salmon as the entree


We went to my sister’s house because this year my household had covid. Again! So we had to cancel Christmas, so it was Christmas and new year’s eve in the same night. We had chicken wings, turkey, Mexican corn, baked potatoes and cheesecake. It was a good day

We did waffles in the waffle maker at our kids NYE party! It was a huge hit, had strawberries and chocolate sauce and blueberries as toppings with whip cream. We did a punch for drink and then later on did chips and dip and cookies and chocolate covered gummy bears and just stuff you wouldn’t typically have but that was kid friendly.

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Pork, kielbasa, hot dogs and sauerkraur


In my family we always serve black eyed peas for good fortune. You can pair it with any meat. :orange_heart:

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Black eyed pease cooked with hot Italian sausage & onions served over rice. Salad of kale, spinach, dried cranberries & toasted walnuts dressed with a lemon juice, olive oil, Dijon, honey, s&p.

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Our tradition when we celebrate at home is to make lasagna, salad, corn, garlic bread and dessert.

Tradicional Puertorican Christmas food
Arroz con gandules, pernil y ensalada de cositos ( rice with green pigeon peas , pork and elbow salad )

I’m making chicken enchilada and Spanish rice. Not really traditional lol.


Black eye peas , cabbage and cornbread

you make your favorite things that you do when you celebrate dear. :champagne: :sparkles: they coming to your house so you show them how you celebrate :champagne:

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We’re making shrimp scampi :fried_shrimp: but not for any celebratory reason :woman_shrugging:

I made beef tenderloin with Parmesan roasted potatoes and Italian green beans.

Pork. Black eye peas. Rice, collards, cornbread. Gravy

A Mississippi pot roast in the Instant pot, with baked potato.

Pork roast and sauerkraut

Roast pork, veggies, and a trifle for desert