What do you mamas do to relax?

I’m curious to see how other mamas do to relax at night! Especially after a long and stressful day. Between teething with my little one and my other one being hyper as all get out, my nerves are shot. And I’m just curious to see how other mamas relax at night to help calm their nerves.


Beers and quiet time. Music. I love to read but too damn tired. Maybe a movie or some Netflix. Once it’s warm out I’ll be sitting outside.

We dont cause we are mommas lol


I do crafts! Rock art and then hide them,
Coloring, diamond art, scrapbook, etc


I sneak the good snacks to the bathroom and eat them in the tub. 100%.


A glass of wine and favorite show.


I love to be alone and relax to my music, or my favorite movie or show. Other than that my husband and I usually sit together and be us for a while. We may even play a game on the Wii together.

Wine and a bubble bath!


Go to my room with Snacks after a long day chill in bed . Turn tv on and watch forensic files… because that’s what I’m into …


A glass of wine, ice cream & Greys Anatomy :joy:


Watch films… From Asian dramas, crime and investigation network, or vlogs on YouTube… So I can sleep right after

Usually some form of yoga and then Pole as I can’t do pole when the kids are awake as they like to join in🤦🏻‍♀️


Smoke a fatty and take a hot bath


I call them the 3 Bs. Bath, book, blunt.


What is a “relax” ? Lol no seriously, I treat myself to one piece of chocolate. Lame I know, but it helps me. 💁

Book ice cream or is it’s the time of year I let myself have it a glad of wine

Cannibals edibles
Glass of wine
Good cup of tea
Binge watching shows

Depends on the day lol


Well I’m 7 months pregnant now lol but non pregnant, alcohol and snacks, bath and reality shows on tv lol

Depends on the day. Most days it’s yoga, some days it’s crafts, Some days it’s baking, some days gardening, somtimes reading, and every day it’s cannabis.
Cannabis helps me and all these endeavors and also helps my chronic pain and my adhd.


Relax in bed alone and watch stuff, do some research on things I’m interested in, drink tea lol

Can’t believe how many mums smoke weed wtf :exploding_head:


A bowl/blunt and Netflix/Hulu or binge watch some reality tv


Smoke a joint and take a hot bath. :ok_hand:


Soaking in a hot bath with epsom salt and a glass of wine!


I put Epsom salt in the tub while they bathe and make sure not to pressure myself after they are in bed to get housework done. Watch tv, read a book, take a long shower

Criminal minds and a tall glass of wine

My kids are 4, 11, 15 and 19 and in bed by 9 year round (unless oldest is working). After that I make wreaths or other crafts for about an hour then imin bed .im not a night owl… No point in it… Im an early riser…

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Hot bath… booze on occassion. But typical night, it’s tv and dozing on the couch with my hubby. We usually get 1 to 2 hours of quiet before bed

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Adult coloring books!!

Netflix or hulu for a while…then reading right before i go to bed

Smoke a bowl/joint. Take nice long bath and Binge watch some tv.


Play video games or read books

I’m teaching myself to embroider. I have to focus on that one thing and it calms my mind.


A good shower with essential oils , lol that’s about the most I can fit it anyway


Seriously this question should be how do you find time to relax!? I never have time to relax!


Use a carrier for baby and go for a walk

I take a long hot bubble bath!!


I have a hot bath, or soak in my hot tub…Then go to bed early (around 8:30pm, If I don’t I am waaayy too tired!) lol

Husband is deployed and I’m pregnant so the first 48 on repeat lol…

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Lie and the bed and play games on my phone.

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Hot bath and a book on my phone. I also read a little before bed and it really helps de-stress. I have 5 under 5, the youngest is only 2 months so I have my hands full lol.


I either read an ebook i can really immerse myself in, clean the house (kind of cathartic seeing things cleaner), take a looong shower, cuddle with my husband or now i plug in headphones to my nintendo switch & play games till i pass out.

Read, baking shows, and magnesium lotion or powder.
Magnesium is a natural relaxant and important mineral that most of us lack.

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YouTube motivational cleaning videos… to process how quick I should clean for a real break! Feels like I never get a break :woman_shrugging:t2:

Adult coloring and I’m going to try diamond painting on my weekend.

I read myself to sleep. I’ve done it for the past 7 years. That’s the only way I can sleep now. And it’s my me time. And my escape. I do the kindle so I can read at night. And it’s just for books so its mine and no one else has any reason to touch it.

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Long bath with relaxing music.

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Listen to Tejano music.

Netflix to watch “adult” shows and not disney related lol

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Puzzles, audio books, golf on the Xbox, talking/ vent with my best friend, watch a show, have a couple drinks

A solid orgasm always works well


Cannabis. Now that I’m pregnant I’m missing getting a good night’s sleep.


I found a tea called mother’s little helper…it has valerian and peppermint in it…the description reads that valerian is like nature’s valium lol

Crocheting relaxes me big time

I make vinyl for my kidlets clothes :blue_heart::sparkling_heart:

Smoke, read, draw, sing, color, stretch/yoga, write, apply lotion and massage, meditate or just practice deep breathing. There’s so many simple and easy things you can do!

Have a cigarette and think how stressful tomorrow will be

Sex with fiance when we can and sitting by myself and watching tv till I knock out.

Watch TV & eat snacks!

I just picked up a game for the first time in a while. Horizon: New Dawn is super fun…I might have stayed up till 7am the other day playing :woman_facepalming:

Lay in bed and watch netflix all while staring at my daughter thinking “god damn i love you but thank f*** your asleep” :joy:

Read, have a glass of wine, listen to music.

Exercise, run errands alone, watch my shows on my phone.

Smoke a joint and meditate


I’m a smoker I love my green stuff

2 Whiskey n diet coke, Brooklyn 99

Martial arts (BJJ or I have kickboxing equipment in my basement), knitting, crocheting, and dark chocolate covered crasins that I hide from the rest of the family

Melatonin Nd a hit of my vape

Watch crime shows and shop online :grimacing::joy:

Eat snacks, slowly without small hands attacking them lol :joy:

Color! Coloring is super relaxing

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I spend some time on FB or watch a grown-up movie that I can’t enjoy with kids around. Read a book. Eat my hidden snacks. Paint my nails. Take an uninterrupted shower where no one flushes the toilet!

Bathtub and a good book. When my kids (twins) were little, bedtime early enough for us to have adult time. Too many parents let their kids stay up too late.

I was going through the same thing. I have a few different things I do that help. I play with/ make slime. I make jewelry. I read a book, watch a movie, or a show and drink a glass of wine. I put my kids to bed then the rest of the night is me time. No chores, no cleaning, nothing. All me. Lol

Teething is normal … hyper is a possible pediatrician visit for ADHD which is very common today. If you feel stressed imagine how your hyper kiddo is feeling !

A warm bath put some bath bombs, prepare some snacks, relaxing music, candles, face and hair mask, and a glass of wine… :grin:

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I read a book and drink a glass of wine usually while soaking in my tub with a lavender bath bomb :smiley:

If they are in bed I take lavender oil and put a few drops in the tub and take a bath and read a book. Or lay on the couch with my fav blanket and watch a funny movie

Have the sig other watch the kiddos …go for a cruise .visit . time to de stress

I knit and crochet and listen to audiobooks

Baths, adult coloring books, call a friend, go to a movie alone

Drink lol. But this is an advantage to just have 1 child and two step :grin:

Lavender oil bath
Anti stress mask and wine :joy:

I used to drink hot herbal tea.

What does “relax” mean?:joy::woman_facepalming:t5::woman_shrugging:t5: I don’t know the meaning of that word. On the rare chance I do get some time to myself that isn’t spent dying on my couch(currently pregnant),taking care of my house, toddler, working, or doing hw, I like to take a hot(warm cuz of baby) bath with epsom salt and the lights of with candles lit, or play the sims. But that’s on a very very RARE occasion.

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I take a book in the bathroom and run a bubble bath.
I’ll ask my hubby for a full body massage with oil. Sex is a bonus. :joy:
Order chinese and watch a movie after kids are asleep.
Exercise before bed helps me sleep.
Shopping is my go to for relaxing. (Until I get my credit card statement)
Cuddle with the kiddos in there room at bed time.

I guess I’m the weird one out but I always take that time to finish things I didn’t get to that day. So had a fresh new
Start the next day
Was just nice to clean or do stuff without being. Interrupted Guess maybe I didn’t let
It get to me that bad. Didn’t feel like I needed a break from my family


Bath with lavender in it with some relaxing music on and then maybe watch tv or just go lay in bed

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Make the food I want to eat so I don’t have to share It then watch a movie I want that ISNT DISNEY!


I color, it is so relaxing!

Honestly smoke a fat joint while taking a nice hot Epson salt bath after the kids are asleep.


Doobie on the back porch with my headphones after the kiddos go to bed


hot Tea and face mask my fav. Thing to do at night

I read EVERY night before bed to unwind.

Gardening cause I’m a sado and it’s the only time I get to do it :joy:

A hot shower, some bud, tea, a blanket…and a good book

Shower. Watch a little tv

I literally just blob on the couch and watch something on the tv lol

Paint with Diamonds!!!

Hot bath or I’ll play a few rounds of Apex or Cod.