What do you say when people ask if baby was planned?

So when people ask if baby was planned or unplanned, what is it considered if you are not actively ‘trying’ but if it happens it happens? Is that still considered unexpected?


I’d probably reply “Why do you think that question is appropriate?”


I just reply “nope, they were all accidents. I don’t know how it keeps happening :woman_shrugging:


I always say…“We weren’t trying but we weren’t preventing” :woman_shrugging:


Firstly it’s none of their business.
If you want to answer you can just say yes, even if the baby was a unexpected surprise or you could say the baby was a surprise to all or tell them it’s none of their business or it doesn’t matter. Sometimes people ask the most invasive questions, ones they themselves probably wouldn’t like being asked.


I’d say What difference does it make!


You say
“That’s actually none of your business and it’s very inappropriate to ask anybody that question.”

Now if it’s family or friends and they repeatedly ask you that same thing after you said that statement then you have every right to cut them off. You definitely do not need toxic ppl in your life while pregnant or anytime


I’d say not trying, not preventing if I wanted to give an answer

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Not their business. And it truly rude to even ask. Companies avoid questioning and move on to another topic. Just because it’s asked dosen’t mean you are required to answer!
Some people :roll_eyes:
Your baby whether planned or not is a blessing! And that’s all that matters! Focus on the positive :sparkles:

“Why does it matter to you?”:roll_eyes:

I like to tell people to mind their own business. :joy:


Well yes it means your baby was unplanned and a surprise. We were actively trying, on fertility medicine and my current pregnancy was still a surprise :rofl:

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I wish people would stop asking people that, it’s no ones business but the parents anyway. If people wanted you to know they’d tell you

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If people ask, I just tell them the truth. Our first was planned, our second we planned but then struggled to conceive & stopped after learning certain things with my fertility :woman_shrugging:t2:

Why does it matter? And walk off.

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That is a personal question and none of anyone’s business. I don’t understand where people get off thinking that’s an appropriate question to ask. Are we not entitled to any privacy anymore?!? Come on people - PLEASE don’t be THAT person!

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I would give that puzzled look… then say “Wowwww”!! Then just walk away….

That’s an extremely inappropriate and personal question! And it doesn’t even deserve an response! :v::wave:


You should tell them that’s a really weird thing to ask someone


Tell them it’s none of their business :woman_shrugging:t4: and if you want to put a label on it you can say it was a happy surprise. But you owe no one any explanations

Mind your own business. No one needs to know anything

You say non of your damn business!

Say “were you planned or a mistake?”

I hate being asked that or when people comment about my boys age gaps … it’s none of there buisness because they aren’t raising them …

I think that is nobody’s business besides you and your spouse.


I would say yes god planned him or her

Im sorry but id be asking why its any of their business

Who tf is asking such a personal question?!?!

Seriously, if anyone asks you this, just tell them that before you answer their question you would like to know the following…
How much they make?
How often they have sex?
If their periods are regular?
If they masturbate?
What their bowel movements look like?
If they’ve ever been assaulted?
How much money is in their bank account?
What their credit score is?

None of their business either way. They are obviously the wrong people to be in your life.

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None of your business is what I would say

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Ohhhh…that’s not their business!


I just blame both my kids on vodka :person_shrugging:

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It’s none of your business…


It is no one’s business , never fails some relative will tell the child and hurt their feelings

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That question really bothered me when my husband and I ran into someone we knew, but weren’t friends with. He said, ‘i didn’t know you guys were planning a baby!’. Well we weren’t. It was unplanned but not all precautions were taken. At almost 40 and 60, we didn’t plan a baby. I didn’t like being put on the spot about something so personal. I think it’s the rudest when the one asking isn’t even a close friend or family member.

I would call that half planned. You’re not really taking the precautionary steps to not having a baby. Both mine were unplanned and my second was a major surprise. I was on the pill with my first and on the patch with my second. No other contraceptives though. The father of my second, who I’m still with, was deemed by a doctor that it would be improbable for him to have his own kids. That his count was so low, he had maybe a 5% chance of ever having his own kids. My youngest is a huge surprise. No regrets though.

I’d say its my baby, what does it matter the way he/she was created. It don’t matter if it was planned and it don’t matter if it wasn’t planned, what matters is that I have a baby growing inside of me and we are extremely happy regardless of how this miracle came about!

Got told when I was 18 that I only had a 30% chance of becoming pregnant and a very high chance of miscarriages every time, I had my daughter in 2010, scans and tests every single week, that pregnancy caused further problems and was told I was never going to have kids again, come may last year go for an ultrasound to check something to be told that I was fully healed and they have no idea how or why, I had a baby boy this year).

Everyone has their own personal experiences and ways of dealing with questions and situations when pregnant, absolutely non of them are wrong.

My response was always "that’s a rude question " I can’t understand why people think it’s ok to pry into others business.

Planning has nothing to do with it, this “soul” was assigned to us and we dont intend to let the gods down

You tell them to mind their own business.

I always replied with “so you wanna know if we planned for my husband to blow inside of me or not? That’s weird”

I’d say it’s not their business, super rude question.

Tell them It’s none ya business lol

If you’re not using protection you’re trying I reckon but still a weird question

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If you have sex it cant be unplanned, you cant get microwave after sex, babies only

Why would you even respond to a question like this?