What do you take for chronic migraines?

Mama’s who have migraines or chronic headaches. What do you take medication wise?My husband has suffered from migraines his whole life. His mom has too and said that medication from doctors never helps so my husband has never tried.I want to have him go to the doctor and see what medicine would be best. He gets migraines probably 3-4 times a week and they last days.


Anadin extra, cold flannel dark room. I’m the same and mine can trigger with eating dairy. Perfume/airfreshner smells, hayfever, certain sounds/noises.
Speak with gp though so this could help, and do a diary of daily activity, foods ect to help pin point why he’s having them x

First are you sure they are migraines? They have specific symptoms and are more common in women. People often call chronic headaches migraines. I found that over the counter ibuprofin taken with over the counter pseudoephedrine was the miracle fix for my headaches. I never got a diagnosis of what kind of headache I have had since childhood but I’m leaning towards sinus. My symptoms are extreme pain in the forehead and rear of skull resulting in nausea.

I had migraines all my life until I got older but i used to get the Botox shots and it helped tremendously and got it every 3 months depending on insurance it sahlul help pay for it! Mine did!

Nurtec is amazing and works well for me.

My doctor prescribed Topamax. I’m on 50mg twice daily. I have hemiplegic migraines. Was getting them weekly for years. Now I get one maybe once a year or every other year

They need to do scans to rule out other problems. My brother was being treated for migraine one day he collapsed and had a seizure, he was taken to a hospital out of town and went into convulsions. He had a nasty type of fungal meningitis. My friend had migraines turned out to be a brain tumor. My other friend had massive headaches and migraines turned out to be hydrocephalus. He needs to get checked for the cause. So does his mother.


Until I got pregnant I took Quilpta, Ajovy and nortriptyline. The combination did miracles for me

I have heard good things about topamax. However I don’t suffer but a few a year so…. I don’t think I need to manage those two migraines. If they were a weekly or daily thing, I’d definitely be trying something. Old school meds might not be effective but there are newer medications that can be tried.

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I am taking maltrex, gabapentin and muscle relaxers for maintenance. I take monthly shot of emgality. Had helped with occupance, severity and length.

Has he gotten tests done? He really should. It could be a ton of different reasons why he’s getting them.

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I have chronic tension headaches, Flexeril kept mine at bay. Migraines I took Topamax but be careful because it can cause liver damage.

I take sumitripan,the only think that work for me

I am on Topamax, Botox every three months. And once a month Ajovy injection in my belly. Other medications that I take that are helpful for migraine frequency are amitriptyline, gabapentin, and magnesium. 

Personally never felt relief from any medication docs gave me. Was gettin debilitating headches 2-3x a week lasting hours to days went to a local piercing shop and got daith piercings on both ears and rarely get headaches at all now 1 maybe every 2-3 months no where mear the intensity if the husband isnt a fan of the piercing he can try acupuncture in the same place just a lil more expensive in the long run but the relief is woth it

Zolmitriptan is the only thing that works for me.

I have Aspalgin which is a codeine and aspirin mix and is the only thing that helps my migraines.

My 19 yr old son had chronic migraines and they got really bad in January. He was missing 1-2days a week of work. We went to the ER. 7 hours later and a $7000 bill (our portion), we got zero answers! ZERO! They gave him pills and the neurologist (who never came to the room to talk to him) said to go to his office the following week. Called and the staff could not get us in until AUGUST! So, $7000 FOR NOTHING!!! And no refills on the pills. I then took him to a chiropractor! 7 visits (2 a week) and the migraines have all but disappeared. He gets them on occasion and I’m thinking a tweak will help. I’m glad he got the help he needed without becoming dependant on drugs.

He really needs more testing/imaging done.
It is not normal to have headaches that frequently.

I am currently on amitriptaline daily (spelling, my brains mush this morning), ajovy monthly (its a shot), & nurtec as needed when the other 2 fail. I went from having migraines 3-4 xs a week to 3-4 times a month. :purple_heart: Depending on your location his could be barometric pressure migraines, which basically means they’re induced by the weather. (Thats what causes mine) to get approved for injections my insurance required proof that i had failed use on other medications (imitrex, propanalol, & topomax, there was a 4th one that started with a D but that was back in 2017 so i cant remember the name of it)