What do you take to help with morning sickness?

What do you mamas do to help morning sickness. I took Zofran with my first two, but read that it can be safe. My first appointment and ultrasound is next Thursday.

Ginger ale, ginger snaps, and peppermints helped a little.

I felt like saltines were very helpful with my morning sickness

All natural non drowsy Dramamine made with ginger

I ate sour candy and Cheerios before getting out of bed

Zofran and ginger ale and ice cubes

Oh I just dealt with it and threw up for 3 months! It wasn’t fun, but it was worth every bit of it.

I sucked on peppermints seemed to help with nausea

The only thing that works for me are the morning sickness sweets from Pink Stork and also taking vitamin b6 with half tab of unisom. That combo is lifesaving me right now.

I take these and have been prescribed zofran

For me the study peppermints helped me alot

Ordasnatron. The only thing that helped

I took Zofran everyday with both pregnancies.

Sounds crazy but pickle juice helped me

I never tried zofran but I tried all the other things and I had all day sickness and nothing seemed to help. Small meals/snacks that were bland.