What do you use to budget for groceries?

Mamas, what do you guys do/use to budget for groceries? Any apps to keep track? I’m planning on having dinners planned out for the whole month! Also, if you’d like to share your favorite healthy and cheap meals that are family-friendly, I’d love a few new ideas!


Following! But I plan meals out and shop according to the meal plan! Also grocery pick up helps me stay on budget!

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I do like 150 a week thats me my husband and 1 year old and 13 year old

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I don’t budget very well but I do use Ibotta and any app for the store I go to. For example, I have Albertsons and they have an app with coupons. I always check the coupons/savings before I go into the store, and it’s also rewards too so I can get $ off after a certain amount of points. Ibotta has been great. Right now they have a free thanksgiving dinner, one item being cash back for a turkey worth $9.98. I get $2 back every time I buy the detergent I get because they almost always have it on there. I know this isn’t budgeting but it is a way to save money because you can use normal coupons and then also get cash back on Ibotta.

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I go only every two weeks and I get beans and rice and flour to make of course things with those… Chicken is cheap, veggies. I do ground beef and freeze my meats to last longer. I make stew, enchiladas, macaroni and tomato sauce, burritos, frito pies, also tostadas. Flour I love because we can make flour or Sopapillas with just beans and chile. Just an idea i spend 100 a week for me and my 9yr old and also my 2 year old. & also live off idaho potatoes.

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I write up a menu for the whole month and then write a grocery list based off that list. When I’m shopping, I buy the cheapest version/brand of every item on my list and buy staples (rice, flour, etc) in bulk. Never spent more than about $200 a month to feed multiple people all meals a day and snacks.

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We use Dave Ramsey’s method.

I am on a tight budget. I plan my meals and write a shopping list. I stick to my list for the most part. I pay the bills first and any money left is grocery money. I know how much is in my wallet and what I need when I walk into the store. It also helps to buy the cheaper store brands than name lables.

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I go grocery shopping every 2 weeks. I make a menu with breakfast and dinner planned out. I buy enough snacks for the kids to last the 2 weeks. I do have to go back and get like bread milk eggs just basic things. I live in Texas we have HEB for grocery store their app let’s you make a list and even tells you what isle it’s on. I try to match up store sales with my Ibotta app. Last week the store had suave shampoo for $2 off its originally $2.94 so was buying it for .94 Ibotta had a $1 rebate so basically made 6 cents off every bottle. For a family of 5 two school age kids and 1 infant I spend about $450 to $500 a month. That includes essentials for the baby and laundry detergent and hygiene products.

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You can get lots of recipe ideas from pinterest. When making a menu I try and make some recipes with similar ingredients so nothing goes to waste.

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Try Aldi or Lidl. They have really good stuff for Lower prices. Especially Aldi! It’s better than Walmart prices. Also watch the unit prices as well. My hubby spots the best value that way. I hope that helps. Good luck and best wishes.

I use the app FLIPP, put in the zip code for your location and it has all the ads for the stores near you, also has a place to create a shopong list and if you have reward cards it will clip coupons to the cards.

i do a lot of scratch cooking. it makes the budget go a lot farther than opening a box

Make sure what I buy is on sale

I’ll use the Walmart app and add everything to the cart then I can see what I’m spending, where I can make cuts, and it also doubles as a list.


I use ibotta to help lower costs. It gives me money back after I buy certain products. Then I do curbside so I can think about what we need and slowly make a list. It also gives you a good estimate on what you are going to spend.

How many people are you cooking for the week?


I just use excel and make a budget of my paycheck with my bills

I use ibotta app its free. it has been very helpful check it out if you sign up please use my code, epaijib

Check out grocery ads for specials. Buy in bulk (I go to Sam’s). Buy store brands. Make lists!