What does a low lying placenta mean?

What does it mean to have a low lying placenta? sometimes i do not absorb things my doctor says when i am in the room…its a struggle

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What does a low lying placenta mean?

It means part of the placenta is covering your cervix. Usually resolves itself, I had one with my son but it moved from the opening of my cervix and I got to deliver him vaginally.

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Think of the uterus as a balloon . Put a dot near the opening. Blow it up. That’s your placenta (the dot). It can “move” as you grow. It doesn’t always happen tho.

It means your placenta is covering your cervix. Where the baby comes out. Most of the time it moves out of the way before birth but if not you will need a c section. Mine finally moved to a “safe” distance at 38 weeks. I also hemorrhaged at 30 weeks but thankfully it stopped on its own.

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Shoot just start asking all questions! That’s what I do! I just ask even if I sound stupid.

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Why do you not ask your doctors this stuff when you’re there?

I personally don’t know. Just wanna say mama don’t feel bad for asking questions here.

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