What does an abnormal pap smear mean?

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. I recently have gotten results from my gynecologist stating back in November when I had my yearly pap and blood work done that it came back clear with no std’s or hiv but the cells that were tested in the pap came back abnormal for possible cervical cancer. I’m not sure if it would have to do with my birth control method which would be Nexaplanon that I have been using since 2015 to current, has anyone else dealt with major cervical issues after using it too?. I’m wondering if anyone else has dealt with this issue as no time previously in the history of visiting my gynecologist which is religiously have I had any medical issues in that general area. I had my son in 2015 due to a complete placental abruption at 30 weeks pregnant and had a c-section but thats the only major thing thats happened in my life they had no answers for when it happened. What are my options in trying to get a second opinion for the results I’ve gotten? Or ways to get better medical attention for my concerns? Its been since November and they’re just now telling me what came back from the labs. I live in Oklahoma if that helps. You dont have to post this anonymously.

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In my 20s mine came back “abnormal”. There was no cause…no reason. Ended up having cysts inside and they needed to be removed. Sometimes they go to the extream with wording when it isnt a big deal. I hope it comes back fine for u. They ended up taking out a small piece of my cervix out. I was awake and had no drugs. It didnt hurt. But its been fine ever since.

I’ve never had any issues on or since being off Nexplanon.


Never been on nexplanon but about 10 years ago mine came back abnormal after I had my first daughter. I went in for further testing while stressing about it for weeks. And everything can back clear

It’s not due to your birthcontrol… simply exposure to the Hpv virus which all humans carry hundreds strains of… a handfull of those strains can develop or cause cervical abnormalities or cervical cancer. I had an abnormal pap at 18. My doctor is very thorough… had me repeat pap every 6 months… with full labs being done… it did not improve and required a biopsy of my cervix… in office procedure uncomfortable and slightly irritating but not painful. Came back with positive early stage cancer… they did colposcopy to remove the affected portions of my cervix… also in office procedure etc… at your stage it is safe for it to be monitored for any changes as most cases are nothing to worry about and can be resolved in office with minor procedures IF it develops further. I’d say follow up with your dr frequently and request a repeat test 6 months out to a year to see if it is still coming back abnormal. If they dont listen. To your concerns then ask for a referral to a specialist or start to search for a new OB.


I I had a abnormal pap followed by a cervical biopsy followed by surgery to remove a lesion from my cervix.

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I had a leap done on my cervix and have had normal paps ever sense I would recommend repeat pap every 6 months ! Only if there is significant change should they do biopsy after I switched gyno was when I found out my previous gyno was doing un-necessary biopsy’s :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

The nexaplanon caused my white blood cell count to be abnormal, it caused me other problems to bad get it removed

In 2007 when I was 19 I had an abnormal pap. Precancerous cells detected. They did a cone biopsy to 100% determine. I got a LEEP procedure done and had to get a pap every 6 months for a few years but every pap since then has been normal. I wasn’t on any birth control at that time and I’m on nexplanon now and my tests are still normal.


After an abnormal pap they will do a colposcopy. They go up through your vagina and take a skin sample. Its not that bad. Just awkward. You may get cramps or light bleeding after but only those results will determine cancer or not. Been there.

I’ve had this happen not due to any birth control or anything. I had several normal paps and then one day I had an abnormal one and it was cells (cervical cancer) I had to have a biopsy and then I had surgery and had the cells cut out and burned! Everything been normal since then I just have to keep it monitored and make sure everything stays that way!


Mine did that due to my hpv (i have the cervical cancer strain). They do a cervical biopsy to tell whether they are cancerous cells or not n would rather you go back every 6 months for a pap instead of a year if it comes back non cancerous


Probably HPV virus. I had the same. Had an abnormal Pap. They sent it out for testing and it tested positive for high risk HPV which is a strain that cause cervical cancer. I went and got a biopsy. Biopsy came back non cancerous. Cells were just abnormal from HPV. Had to have a Pap every 6 months until it was normal again. At the first 6 month appointment, it was normal again and I haven’t worried about it since.

Birth control has nothing to do with bad paps. I just had a hysterectomy 3 days ago due to bad paps and other issues. HPV is the main culprit behind bad paps.

Had one come back abnormal for absolutely no reason once. Had a colpo done which came back completely normal, but now I have scar tissue on my cervix because they wanted to do an unnecessary test. Pretty sure they just screwed up the original pap.

I was on the depo shot and switched to the nexplanon i had to have it removed less then 2 months later because it made me bleed from about 2 weeks after it was put in till i had it removed i hated it i hope you don’t have cancer and it’s just an infection or something treatable good luck

I had a bad Pap smear when I was pregnant. Did a rotation diet & took a bunch of homeopathics (safe to use when pregnant), w/in 3 months had a perfect score & no recurrence for 25+ years. It was hard to plan meals (no wheat or dairy for 4 days, no mixing fruit, meat, oils, grains on the same day) & I was taking tiny pills just about every 15 minutes, but it worked. Look up homeopathic/naturopathic doctors/practitioners. Some or all may be covered by insurance. Super healthy me & baby!