What does bright spot on heart mean?

I had my 20 week appointment with ultrasound yesterday. What should of taken 30 minutes took one and half hours. My doctor told me after that my son had a bright spot on his heart and would need to see a specialist to see if he had any other soft markers. So far she said everything else is good with baby. Down syndrome is what they are concerned about. Has anyone had this happen and everything turned out ok? I’m super emotional about it and my mind is all over the place.


Found the same thing on my daughters 20 week ultrasound & it was still there our last scan around 37 weeks. She’s 9 days old, perfectly healthy!


Ask for the genetic testing where they take your blood. I’m 35 and my doctor recommended it. I mainly did it so that if my baby had Downs I could be prepared as I could be.

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Dont sweat it 2 out of my 4 kids had what they call hot spots and if everything else checks out fine, your baby won’t have down syndrome. The hot spot doesnt and hasnt caused any issues for either of my 2 boys that had them. I can understand the concern I was freaking out the first time it happened as well!

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Just went through this with my little girl! Had alot of scares! I’m now 30 weeks and after seeing specialists my little girl is healthy and has no problems

My son had the same thing at my 20 week ultrasound we were sent to another specialist at a hospital more experienced. They didn’t tell me until after I was there that Down syndrome was their concern. I was seen there at 21 weeks and again around 32 weeks. He ended up being fine one of the obs in the hospital told me they believe that it is because ultrasounds now see more than they used to so they’re seeing those spots. This was nearly 7 years ago. They should do a blood test to determine if Down syndrome is possible and they offered me an amniocentesis as well.

My daughter also had the same, with thick neck and small size. I’m 38 so they were saying the same thing. She was born very healthy and nothing wrong. She’s now 18 months old and developing normal. Good luck, I know how you are feeling. Hugs!

This is my youngest, she’ll be 3 Sunday. She had spots on her heart and blood test came back with markers for down syndrome. We had to go to specialists and had to have ultrasounds every week. She was born and still is completely healthy, no downs syndrome

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My sister is preg w her first baby. They believed the baby had down syndrom. After more testing. The baby does not. I also have to add this, i think women that have babies w downs were handpicked for these beautiful children. Not everyone can handle it. Just my thoughts


Yes. I went through the bloodwork for genetic testing and an additional ultrasound. Everything was fine


Read some of these :yellow_heart::purple_heart:

I had the same concern, a white spot on my son’s heart in his ultrasound around 28 weeks. Went back to see a specialist a couple weeks later and the spot was gone. My son is 7 weeks old and in perfect health! It can be any number of things. Don’t worry too much mama! Lots of love your way, I know how stressful this can be!:heart:

Yes, I had the same thing happen and my daughter was fine. It was a shadow or the way the picture was taken that made mine happen. But everything was perfectly fine! Try not to stress Momma

The only way that I’ve heard that they can tell if the baby has down syndrome is if they do an amnio, where they check the baby’s amniotic fluid. Try to stay calm till you actually know something.

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If the child is born with down syndrome it’s nothing to be emotional about… It’s a blessing from God… Kids with down syndrome are amazing


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Of course I will love my child weather or not he has Down syndrome. It’s emotional when you don’t know what’s happening or how to prepare.


Yes. There are …I believe 5 markers. My daughter had some too…but everything turned out just fine. Dont stress it…stress is the worst thing for the baby…just try to have patience and stay positive.

All pregnancy same thing after he was born he’s great nothing wrong except he’s almost 2 with a hell of an attitude :joy::joy:

They told my mom my brother had a bright spot on his heart and that he was going to have downs he didn’t . He’s almost 17 now

I honestly wouldnt overstress yourself and take a few deep breaths :slight_smile: Down Syndrome babies are awesome!!! My cousin has down syndrome and is so successful! Down Syndrome just means extra love from an extraordinary soul :smile::sparkling_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

They told me my daughter had polycystic kidney disease and wouldnt live very long after birth. we took her to a specialist after she was born… she was completely healthy and is now a month away from her 5th birthday

Jordan valley tried to pull this same stunt with my son we had ultrasounds and blood work and everything done finally at 22 weeks we seen the heart specialist and no heart defect and after weeks of calls finally got told no down syndrome I switched doctors immediately and am now 30 weeks with a perfectly healthy baby boy with nothing wrong with him and fantastic doctors I would recommend getting a second opinion always if they are saying these things cuz it all turns out to be crap half of the time not always but in my case it was just crap to get more money out of us I would love my son regardless of anything going on with him but thankfully we got super lucky we just had an ignorant doctor office

I had the quad test done at 16 weeks. Came back positive for possibility of Downs. Had an ultrasound done at 18 weeks. They could not find anything. I still did some genetic testing and baby looks fine. I am 22 weeks now.

This happened with my first. In addition to that they said her neck was short and made me gave an ambulance. Guess what? She did not gave downs!

Then with my third they said the ultrasound was all dark where his kidneys and intestines should be so he might not have any. He also was perfect.